Organizing Paperwork


It’s the last day of May and officially the last day of Fall here in Australia.  It means to say that one more month to go and it will be the end of another financial year.  Hence, it’s that time of the year again to look back, how much you have earned, what have you accomplished, how much you have spent and what are your plans for the next financial year.  What is the best way to move forward?

Today, I start with the basic,organizing our paperwork!  To be paperless at this stage is still inevitable for us.

My husband just recently got a new job in a much better company and hence, he has the hard copy of the induction manual.  Me and my son have been attending open days of Universities because we want to start early in exploring the possibilities for his career pathway, so we’ve been collecting brochures as well.  These are only few in addition to the hundreds of paperwork which just keep on coming plus the documents which are significant to our lives, like birth certificates, citizenship certificates and a lot more.

To get organized, I decided to get more hard plastic sheets, folders and dividers, chalkboard labels and A4 size paper ( for printing ). Then I sort the papers,  categorize them and of course label them.


Afterwards, I came up with these:


I have 5 folders including the monthly organizer I have done before and have shown you in one of my post entitled “ Simple Monthly Organization

In addition to my existing folder, I added more folders like this:



In this folder I am now keeping everything pertinent to our current jobs like letter of offer, contracts, induction manuals and others.



car bank

In this folder I am keeping everything that has something to do with our cars and banks. This contain our car registrations, insurances, service records and communication from our bank institutions.


Since my son is already in his senior year, another 2.5 years and he will be in the University and therefore, I decided to make a folder for him. He can use it to place information booklets about Universities and courses as he tries to select the best option for him.


Lastly but not the least, the folder which keeps all the very important papers for the three of us.  Our birth and baptismal certificates are here, marriage contract, Australian citizenship certificates and others.

I’ve labelled it as ” Important Documents”. This folder has more reminders too.  It says:

You keep what is significant

You keep what you need

You keep what is useful and

You CAN’T keep what you just like or love!

There you go my dear friends and followers, my way of ending the season correctly.


God bless,




Autumn, The Season of Letting go


It’s autumn here in the world down under and I can’t help today to reflect about this season and what does it signify.

Gone are those longer days during summer when we celebrate but it is the time of transition. Maybe we have to think of the things that can be blown down to the ground alongside the autumn leaves

If the memory is hurting, it’s our chance to allow the emotions to swell up inside until they overflow as tears and allow them to roll down our cheeks like the leaves dropping outside.

As the leaves change color and fall, ask ourselves,what is it time for me to let go of?

God bless,



Organised Pantry


Kitchen surely is very important to all us, it is where we prepare and cook our food.  Hence, pantry plays a very important role because it is where we get some of our cooking and baking stuff.

Let’s have a look at some organised pantries which I adore:



Now let me show you my very own: org pantry

I have actually 2 small pantries and the other one is work in progress since I need to buy more trays from the hot dollar shop. I am so delighted that it only cost me $24.00 to push through with this simple organisation and was done only in several minutes. For those of  you who want to organize your pantry, you need the following:



2.chalkboard labels  ( I just love chalkboard )

chalkboard labels

What I love about these, they are so easily be positioned on plastic trays and since it’s chalkboard, you are allowed to change your mind and re-label straight away

tray with lable

Once again, let me show you ( from another angle ) my small but organised pantry

My pantry organmised

Hope you find organizing enjoyable like I do.

God bless,


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Moving Forward


I have not posted for many months, but It does not mean I am no longer with you. I’ve said to you before that I am here to stay and I really mean it.

I had a medical ordeal again ( for those of you who are following me, you are aware that I had that “heart episode April 2013 ). Last November 2013, I also underwent a major surgery.

It was not an emergency surgery, it was a planned procedure. I underwent hysterectomy ( removal of the uterus) . I badly needed the surgery because my uterus had fibroid cysts which were causing problems to me. One was anaemia due to increased menstrual bleeding during my period. Also, a bit of discomfort because of the massive sizes of the non-cancerous cysts.

So, on the 27th of November, I said goodbye to the womb which has nurtured my one and only son for 9 months before. But very unluckily, I had complications afterwards. I had haemorrhage after the surgery which led to temporary anaemia. The bleeding caused a huge collection too of blood in my pelvis which later got infected. In January this year, I was readmitted for “infected pelvic haematoma”. I was placed on massive antibiotics to combat the infection. So the complications really pinned me down and it took 10 agonising weeks before it did resolve.

But now I’m back on my feet and I can say, I bounced back again from another adversity. But let me add this time that, I am choosing too to move forward after I bounced back. I am choosing to be healthier and to be more positive as a person.

For you my followers, let me share with you some photos of me with my dear friends when I was in the hospital.


God bless,


Outdoor Oasis during Winter


Today marks the commencement of Winter here in Australia.  But we’ve been having cold days and chilly nights since the middle of April which was late fall.  As I’ve told you in my last post, there is a challenge to use your outdoor space during winter and let me tell you once again, if there’s a will, there is a way.   I will show you how we took on the challenge of enjoying the outdoor when temperature has been dropping down. First allow me to show you once again our courtyard last summer so you can see the difference:

summer courtyardHere’s another view

r courtyardNow, time for me show you what we have added:

heater in courtyardMy husband bought and assembled a gas heater from Bunnings to make sure that our guests will be comfortable and never freeze.  We have also added something on the wall which becomes a focal point of our courtyard:

sconceThe newest additional decor are these sconces which hold 7 tea light candles which I bought for only$14.99 from Aldi.  Putting decor on your outdoor wall is getting the taste of your inside space outside.

candle centerpieceThe centerpiece that I have for this cold season are candles, to add warmth and light.

ready for alfresco diningYou can see here, our courtyard is ready for some alfresco dining.  To top it all, we dared to invite guests for an early dinner, 5:30 which was already dark.  But it was part of the challenge of enjoying your outdoor to the fullest during winter.  Well, we actually did it during that time since our son was part of their school musical which started at 7 pm and those friends of ours who were watching  that night were invited to our place before and after the show ( our way of extending our gratitude for the support they have given to our son ).  Now let’s inspect the courtyard during the night:

outdoor setupAs you can see, the wall and the table are well-lit.  But the ambiance will not be complete if there are no candles on the floor too.

candles to light r pathThere you go, all prepared to receive our guests.

nova in her courtyardLet me tell you that we had a lovely night, a night which was not cold after all due to the warm reception we gave to our guests who graced the musical show of our son.

God bless,


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Enjoy your Outdoor Space during Winter


Two weeks from now and it’s officially winter here in Australia.  Cold days, chilly nights are just some adjectives that best describe winter.  But since we live in Sydney, we do not experience blizzard here.  We have to drive for at least 6 hours to go to snowy mountain to do tobogganing or skiing. This means that enjoying the outdoors during winter is still possible.  Yes, I do believe that outdoor space can still be appreciated to the fullest with your family and friends as long as we keep ourselves warm by

1. Placing some heating elements outside to combat the low temperature and make your guests comfortable

source ( Place gas heaters or heat lamps where you will eat and drink )

source  ( Place candles on the floors not just to light the way but to add warmth)

source ( Here down under, we do not need to store away our cushions during winter since we are not expecting any snow.  So, lots of cushion can be a trick to keep us warm especially if the fabric is right

source ( If there is a chance, you can place some curtains to add style and to control the wind which can really be very cold )

There you go, let not winter stop you from being in touch with nature or enjoying your outdoor space.  As they say, “if there’s a will, there’s a way”.

Next time, I will show you our outdoor space during winter.


God bless,


Under the Grill Organization


It’s always  winter time here in Australia so it means there will be less barbecues outside and outdoor space will not be used often.  However, lately, I felt the itch in looking after what is under our grill. My husband always cleans the grill after Bbq parties but as we know, cleaning comes first then organization.  So this is where I come in now.  A bit of “TLC”..tender loving care from me. Let me show you first how it looked like before:

grill chaosNot pleasing absolutely!

Then I thought of some metal tins I have inside, one is a metal tin for biscuits which I painted with charcoal paint before and never used it.  Now, I have decided what to write:

charcoal proj 4 grillThis is exactly right for some of our Grill accessories. Then I used another larger metal bin which I originally used in our bathroom but as per suggestion of my husband, it needs to go from its original position since metal and water are a perfect combination for rust formation.  Now, it has a new spot.  So this is what you can find now under our grill:

grill organizedHere is another photo:

grill afterI can say that these will rest for a while until winter is over, but it’s always a nice feeling to know that what is “under” or what is “inside” is as good as what you can see “outside”.

Wherever you are, whatever season you’re into, happy organizing from the “world down under”.

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God bless,


Under the Laundry Sink Organization


If you are follower of mine and have read my most recent post, you know that I was hospitalized but I did bounce back.  My discharge date was the 3oth of April which was a Tuesday but of course, I did not go back to work until the following week, 6th of May.  So while at home and recovering, I did some organizing projects.  Yes, I did, but do not worry, I did not overdo it.  I was taking it easy.  In fact, home organization is always a therapy for me.  So, let me reveal to you what was “under our laundry sink” which became my first mini project.

unda sink b4Chaotic?  Definitely!!

uner d sink chaosYeah, it has so much, gloves, floor cleaner, laundry stain remover, and a lot more.  Of course, there was no order then.

First, what I did was to  put everything out to see if I can get rid of some things which is no longer needed.  However, I did realize that  I need everything but there was a need to just relocate some stuff like the hand towels ( (I did place it in the kitchen cupboard ).  Then, I placed the rest in two bins which I bought from the “reject shop” and those few items that did not fit were just placed behind the organizing bins.

So here it is:

ubda sink after

Now it looks more organized.  I know there are no labels and it’s not perfect but I personally believe it has improved a lot.  I’m quite happy with it.

Next time, I will show you what is “under our grill”.  Oh, yes, I did organize as well outside the house.  Again, I did not overdo it.  I was taking it easy and keeping it simple.

Happy organizing everyone!!

God bless,





I did BOUNCE back


Two weeks ago, I had a scary weekend in the hospital.  It did start on the evening of  April 27.  Me and my hubby with our son were joking around, tickling each other when suddenly I felt like a tight “squeeze” at the middle of my chest.  At first my son and hubby thought I was just pretending since I did want to be tickled anymore.  But I told them I was serious and so they asked me to lie on the couch.  My son started massaging my chest and my hubby gave a glass of water.  After a minute maybe, the tight squeeze was gone but I still felt heaviness on my chest.  At the same time, I felt gassy as well and kept on burping.  I thought, it could be a simple “heart burn”.  After half an hour we went to sleep.  The following day, I woke at around 6:30 since my husband was doing overtime that day and I felt that the heaviness of my chest was still there.  I did not tell him since he will be working but I knew I have to observe myself carefully.  At around 9:00 am, I started to have back pains.  My condition became alarming for me because I thought that “heart attack” can give you pains at the back, shoulder or even jaw.  I rang my local doctor and she told me to go straight away to the hospital.  I decided not to drive but did not call triple 000 for emergency.  I decided to take the bus to go to the nearest hospital and my scary weekend commenced in the Emergency department.

I was placed on high priority due to my chest and back pains.  The emergency doctor interviewed me and took bloods from me.  He said to me that he was pretty sure it was only “hyperacidity” .  So I patiently waited in the emergency room for the blood test result.  Then, the nursing handover began.  I heard one of the nurses, telling the other nurses who are starting their shift that ” it was suspected as non-cardio one however, the “trop” came back high”.  Having a Science background ( Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology), I knew that “trop” is actually “Troponin” which elevates when there is damage in the heart muscle like in “Myocardial Infarction” or ‘heart attack” and with my symptoms, I thought “this is heart attack”.  I really panicked and so everything went up, my blood pressure, my heart rate, everything.  I was so scared for my life, I thought of my family, everyone who are dear to me.  Nurses then performed ECG again, gave a “vasodilator” medicine and “asprin”.  Then the doctor said that I need to be admitted in the “Coronary Care Unit”.  I rang my husband and told him that the doctors wanted to keep me for more tests.  I did not tell him yet about the alleged “heart attack”.  I did not want him to worry that much because he will be driving and I did not know how can he handle a very shocking news which involves myself.   I also rang my brother in the Philippines who is a doctor to inform him of what was happening with me and in spite of the distance I felt his concern and love to me.  We both decided not to tell my parents yet since they  both have  “hypertension”. When my husband arrived, I broke the news to him.  I looked at him and I witnessed how he tried to put a “brave face” in front of me but his eyes turned red but without tears.  He also did not speak for several minutes and I did not have any clue where his mind went.  All I knew was he was shocked, he was worried and he felt an “emotional pain” which he tried to hide from me.

My husband stayed with me until the visiting hours was over.  My sister-in-law was the one who was with my son in our home.  We told him the shocking news in the evening but reassured him that everything will be alright.  He wanted to see me but I told him to work on his homework that night and then he can be with me the whole day of Sunday.  I was given more medicine to make my blood thinner, they performed ECG as well at 2:00 in the morning since I was still complaining of chest heaviness  in spite of all the medicine.  A doctor assessed me at 3:00 in the morning and decided to put me on “heparin infusion” ( heparin also makes your blood thinner).  I called on to God that night for Him to be with me, for Him not to leave me.

On Sunday, the 28th of April, I was feeling alright and everyone thought I was responding to all the medicine given to people who had heart attack.  My son came early in the morning with my husband and my close friends and sister-in-law came in the afternoon. I felt blessed to have a family and friends who care for me genuinely.  My brother and sister in the Philippines were also in touch with me all throughout my ordeal.

Then on my third day in the hospital, I underwent several tests to find out how can they can manage my condition.  One test was “angiogram” to know if there is any blockage in my arteries and if there were, then they will try to fix them there and then.  I also had heart ultrasound and lung scan.  That afternoon, all the test came back and they were all negative.  It was not heart attack after all.  So what was it?  The doctor said “it’s still a mystery” and we need to investigate further. Although my question on that day was not answered, I was rejoicing and was thanking my God.  My prayer, our prayers were answered.

On my fourth day in the hospital, I went for a “heart MRI”.  This is where they found the answer, and the result from this test became their basis for the final diagnosis.  It was “myocarditis”, this is an inflammation of the heart muscle usually caused by a virus which we will never know now what virus went to my heart.  It is because to know the cause, one should have a “heart biopsy” which is not done when the case has resolved anyway and  because of the invasive nature of the said test.  There was still something strange though why I had “myocarditis” since I did not have any recent infection, not even colds.  But anyway, the most important thing happened, it did resolve on its own and I got well.

I was discharged that same afternoon and of course, my husband and son were the happiest creatures on earth.  I felt all the more their overflowing love for me.

Two weeks have passed and now I can say, I did bounce back..I know I have to because there are many people who love me and I love them too and I still want to share so many things with them.

concord hosp

Worries overpowered by love

me in the hosp with my son

Allow me to thank God unceasingly for allowing me to bounce back!!!

Happy Mother’s day

God bless,