Great Ocean Road Adventure was GREAT


Our great ocean road adventure commenced on the 1st of October 2011. Me, my hubby and only son woke up at 2:00 am in our Sydney home and we hit the road before 3 am. Our goal was to be in Melbourne, Victoria before mid day, and it happened as we have planned. We met up with friends at Melbourne CBD by noon time on that chilly day and ate a delicious lunch at a Taiwanese restaurant. Then our drive to Great Ocean Road began.

Great Ocean Road, one of the best drives in the whole world

It was raining when we left the Victorian capital with the hope that Apollo Bay will offer us a better weather and a blue sky. It took 45 minutes of driving before we finally saw the Great Ocean Road. The scenes were just amazing and captivating. Truly, nature has spoken to us to appreciate its beauty. We had several stops just to capture some breathtaking views. We saw the water from the ocean as it gently and swiftly brushed the rocks on the shore. We also have realized that the sea was creating a complete work of art as our eyes witnessed its monochromatic blue color which complements the blue color of the sky ( yes, we did have clear and blue sky at the Great Ocean Road ). The winding road gave us spectacular views until we reached Apollo Bay after two hours where we were welcomed by a cozy and comfortable holiday accommodation which made us at home while “away from home”.

The next day, we went to Cape Otway to see for ourselves the oldest yet the most significant lighthouse in Australia, the Cape Otway lighthouse. The 300 meter lighthouse is so historic and for me  it is the most beautiful lighthouse I have ever seen. Reaching the top gave us a feeling of satisfaction as we view the Victorian coastline which is just magnificent.  Our splendid experience did not end in the lighthouse since as we leave the place, we found ourselves in the middle of an ancient rain forest which houses hundreds or perhaps even thousands of native wildlife.  There, we saw koalas eating the barks and stems of old gum trees ( koalas are considered pests in the area since they eat up the ancient trees ).  But honestly, they are the loveliest pests which are very pleasing to look at.

Cape Otway lighthouse

Then finally we came to our last destination, Port Campbell where one can see the famous 12 Apostles.  We were very fortunate that we did not only see it on one of the lookouts but we saw it above the ground through a helicopter ride.  Yes. I had my first ever chopper ride.  I had the fear in going unlike my very eager husband and equally enthusiastic son.  However, the irresistible view above just completely changed my fear into happiness.

12 Apostles on the Victorian coastline

First helicopter ride, Oct. 2011

That time, I thank the creator for the wonderful and perfect world He has designed for us to enjoy.

Truly, our great ocean road adventure is memorable and it’s one of the escapades in my life which is unforgettable


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Passionate about motivating and inspiring people to achieve their potentials to the fullest. A graduate of B.S. Medical Technology and Master of Arts in Guidance and Counselling. Taught for 15 years and served as Guidance Counselor for 5 years in a University in the Philippines. Migrated in Australia in 2005 with her husband and son. She continues to strive to be the best that she can be and hopes that by writing her everyday experiences, struggles and challenges, other people will be inspired to keep going and aspire to continually grow, improve and transform every aspect of their lives at its best

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