Mess out, organization in!


Heaps of challenges face every homemaker in the whole world.  Of course, I am not an exemption.  One regular challenge is how to keep your home tidy, neat and mess free with all the overflowing receipts which you can’t get rid for taxation purposes, the quarterly reports of your superannuation ( here in Australia, companies are mandated to give 9% of your salary as their contribution ) which you need to monitor, the weekly or fortnightly payslips, bank statements and a lot more.

We have actually a metal filing cabinet where we keep all of these.  But I have to admit, there’s a lot in there now and if only the papers can speak, they would surely complain of suffocation.  Also, the outside of our filing cabinet is not clutter free, and it looks like this

To allow the papers to breathe inside, I said to myself, I have to take out some and file it outside.  But of course, I do not want to add more mess and clutter so I thought of this cardboard which serve as spacer to some office supplies in my workplace ( we normally throw this out but for the first time, I took some home ) and make it as my filing folder

To make it appealing, I then glued some scrapbook paper

Afterwards, I did label it ( I’ve printed some labels that I’ve seen from InMyOwnStyle blog spot)

Then it’s time to fasten my superannuation papers and it turned out to be like this

I was satisfied with this because it did not cost me anything, all the materials were already handy and available.  So I knew I have to make more.  This time for my hubby.  I repeated the same procedure except that I did not choose the pink scrapbook paper for obvious’s his files.  So i just made use of the extra music sheets that I’ve printed in enveloping my Easter eggs ( which I’ve shown you in my post about “Easter during fall, it’s up to YOU”.  His folder looks like this

In the next days to come, I know I might need to do more of these inexpensive filing folders.  I would share it with my friends as well, because just like me, they struggle to cope with so much paperwork in their household.  Yes, it’s important to share  ideas because it’s how we grow.  Anyway, for me family and friends are so important.  That’s why I have this decor at home which I included in my Easter Mantel

How about the top of my metal filing cabinet?  Well, I took some of the files out, organized it on top and then I placed some letter decor  (  I’ve chosen N and L which stand for my name, Nova and my husband Lorence ) which I bought for $10 for three ( including the & sign ).  Now there’s no more mess on top of our dear filing cabinet and it’s even more organized inside.  Here is the photo

Let’s all strive and be ready to say, mess out, organization in!  Happy organizing everyone

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