Blue Vignette


My son told me the other day that our house is becoming more feminine since I’m the one decorating. I really did not agree with him since for my decor I’ve been using neutral colors because I love earth colors anyway. Also, it’s fall here so my mantel has lots of shades of brown. But it seems that he is not convinced. He even said jokingly that he will not be surprised if I turn the walls into pink ( then he laughed loudly ). So when he went to school yesterday I hurriedly check what are the things in his bedroom that has that “boy” touch or shall I say “masculine” touch. Of course, I remember the sign that I just placed on his study desk ( this was in one of my posts entitled ” from my heart to yours”).

His alarm clock as well is aqua blue and he has this photo taken in a studio by a professional when we were still in the Philippines and its background too is blue. Then I thought if I put them together and add a bit, then he can’t complain anymore. Well, at least in his room lots of blue will be seen. I just bought two pieces of items from the dollar shop and one of them is this candy jar with aqua blue lid where I placed his watch and blue armband

I’ve also inspected his books, some of them has a touch of blue in the outside cover like his favorite one, Harry Potter book ( he’s a big fan of HP so he has a collection of HP stuff )

I put them together and what did I get? A simple blue vignette on his bedside table.

When I came home from work last night, I asked him straight away if he likes his bedside table and of course the answer was affirmative!

I am linking this simple, in fact very simple decoration which made my son very happy to:

Also I’m linking this to:


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