Feng Shui, whether you believe it or NOT!


I’ve been reading so many blogs about “Spring Cleaning and Organizing” and I see so many blogs about keeping their closet or their houses clutter free.  So I thought of the Chinese Art Feng Shui ( pronounced as Fung Shway ) since Feng Shui tells so much about clutter control.  For most Chinese, luck can be cultivated and enhanced by this ancient practice which can attract health, wealth and happiness.  The goal of Feng Shui is to establish harmony and balance in one’s environment and to achieve this one has to adhere to practical solutions called “cures”.  These remedies include such things as positioning furniture and decorations in comfortable positions and eradicating clutter in every part of your house.  The practical solutions or shall I say the logical remedies enable you to function more effectively and conveniently. Feng Shui encourages us to place our furniture and some objects in our home in locations or spots that would create a welcoming atmosphere, something that would make us feel at ease and enjoy the comfort of every space in our house.  For example, an entry way which has a huge piece of furniture can serve as a blockage which is not welcoming at all.  For Feng Shui experts, they might say, this piece of furniture can serve as obstruction in letting  positive energies to get inside. But for a practical point of view, an exceptionally large piece of furniture in the entry way is not just appropriate because one would always want to enter a house without any hindrance.

Another example is dirt and clutter in the home.  Let’s take in particular, dirt and clutter under your bed.  Feng Shui experts would say that this can lead to being unhealthy because chi ( pronounced as chee ) the principal force of Feng Shui which is considered to be the life-giving energy of the Universe that flows through everything- our home, the earth and our bodies.  But practically speaking when you store so much stuff under your bed then, cleaning would be difficult.  This can be an excuse not to vacuum it often since there are so much to move.  In effect, dirt and dust accumulate and if you or your kids are allergic to dust mites, then this will be the ultimate source of an allergic reaction or even asthma.

Chinese philosophy also speaks about five elements, fire,earth,water, wood and  metal.  Each one of them depicts a different aspect of chi and operates in its own unique way and produce a specific outcome.  They say that fire stimulates,earth stabilizes, water softens and blends and metal strengthens and concentrates.  That is why Feng Shui would always recommend a water feature for example in your front yard or even in your living room.  They would recommend a wooden dining table to signify expansion of your wealth since food in associated with wealth according to them instead of using a dining table made out of glass or marble.  Practically, a water feature is just relaxing and soothing and a water fountain inside or outside one’s house always adds beauty without considering that this softens some areas in our lives.  A wooden dining table would always be practical since it creates a good contrast to your decor   like glass vases ( this is interior decorating point of view, not feng shui ).

Feng shui masters highly recommend that one has to incorporate these five elements in one’s house.  So is it hard to do?  Well, if you have some scented candles ( I do ) because you are after for its lovely scent which sets the mood in your house, then you have the fire element.  Your collection of china wares and your house itself ( if it’s made of brick ) signify earth. If you do not have a water feature in your house, do not worry, you have the washing machine and the dishwasher to symbolize water.  For your wood, there’s no problem as well since we all have books and linens in our homes.  Lastly metal, you have heaps as well like your silverware and hand tools.  Without being aware, we are in fact, adhering to Feng Shui principles.

Now here are some tips which can help chi flow freely in your home and in your life.  Well, you do not have to be a believer of Feng Shui principle to follow these:

1) Make your home entrance visible and clear-make your front door and porch neat and pleasing to look at because it tell a lot about you and as the feng Shui masters would always claim, Chi comes in through your doors so make sure there is no obstacle along the way

Transform front door

source:320 sycamore

2) Clutter free foyer- one’s foyer serves as the passage from outside and inside, thus, it should be perfectly welcoming.  Guests will find it difficult to enter your house if there are obstacles and it’s not good to make them feel uncomfortable.  In Feng Shui, clutter in the foyer obstruct the Chi to freely and smoothly flow inside your house

source: My blessed Life

3) Hang artwork on a stairway wall-hanging pictures alongside stairs also attracts chi and encourages it to move up to the next story of your home.  For me, without thinking of the Chi element, artwork in the stairway creates a beautiful art that you can appreciate when you are downstairs or upstairs

family matters

source: The Birds’ Papaya


source: Young House Love

4) Clean your closet- get rid of clothes which you have not worn for a year, to make room for new ones since you can’t continuously accumulate stuff without getting rid of some.  Donate to charities or give it to your relatives or friends. In Feng Shui, removing clutter in your closet would mean better financial opportunities ( whew, this is interesting don’t you think )

5)make sure closet doors are closed.  Feng Shui says that closets represent private part of your life and even it’s clutter free, you just do not allow anyone to see it randomly.  But gee, for me this is common sense, without considering Feng Shui again, we shut our closets because yo do not want to invite all the dust and dirt to come in and celebrate with your clothes.

There are still I want to share but I do not want to bombard you with so much today.  I might have part two of this post.  Meanwhile, I want to share you a picture of my beloved auntie who actually adheres to Feng Shui principles ( she has books about it ).  She was the one who introduced Feng Shui to me.  Well, I do not like to say that I strongly believe in its philosophy but whether I like it or not, I am in a way applying its principles and I’m pretty sure, unknowingly,you are following its guidelines whether you believe it or NOT!

Take note my beloved is NOT Chinese, she only looks like one..hehe.  Heaven knows I love her so dearly.


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  1. Who would not love our dearest Ateng?

    aba at may teenager ka na rin 🙂

    teka, padalan kaya kita ng Magic Sarap? di ko maisip ano ipapadala ko na di naman bulky at mabigat e. kay JM, what simple things can delight him?

    Ingat lagi!

    Che 🙂

    • HI Che! Thanks for asking. But do not send food or any food products, you know how strict they are here. I can buy it too from the Asian shop or Filo shop. But I really appreciate the thought!!

  2. Hi there ate Novs!

    Ganda naman pic ni Chi Ateng..pang tele-serye o di kaya ‘Mano Po part 1-6’, artistahin huh 😉 oist di ako sip-sip huh, just telling the truth, nothing but the truth, so help me God! hehehe! anyway, sayang naman at bawal na nga mga food products, gusto ko pa naman padalan si pare ng emperador lite 😦 pero drink/kampay product to ah..hehehe!

    Ingats palagi! God Bless!

  3. Applying feng shui basics in the home need not be that complicated. There are some ways in which this ancient practice can be used to make the home flow with positive energy or chi. Here are some of the basic feng shui practices that you need to know and can easily apply to make your home as well as your life filled with positive chi.^

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