Me and my hubby adhere to “shared responsibility” in keeping the house tidy and neat.  But like in any workplace, we take control of our own designated areas.  I cover all areas inside the house unless of course, some problems need to be fixed which will involve carpentry or electrical or plumbing and he would surely rescue me.  Well, I am so fortunate that my hubby is an all around “Mr. Handyman” especially that we live in one of the most expensive cities in the world, Sydney.

Areas outside the house which is definitely part of our home is his area of designation.  Today, I would like to show you ( because I’m so proud ) that I do not have to organize the garage nor the shed.  He is indeed an organized one.  

He has different length of ladders ( he still have another one in our shed ).These  have saved us from calling tradesmen which cost a fortune when there are some things need to be fixed in the roof or if pruning needs to be done especially in early spring.  As you can see, he has also the “high pressure cleaner”.  This is our second one bought from Bunnings Warehouse, which cost around $600-700, our first one was sent to the Philippines when our family home in the Philippines was flooded due to a typhoon and they needed it due to the mud that was left after the flood water.  This is expensive but as my husband will  always say, “we need this for a lifetime and investing now is the proper thing to do”.(He uses this in cleaning the roof, concrete and paved flooring outside and walls outside the house ).  If you notice he uses hooks to hang all of these to maximize the space in our garage.  He even hang other stuff such as our picnic chairs, trolley (which is of great assistance in carrying and moving things around),  and bicycles.

Take note, his helmet is hang together with his bicycle so he does not have to look for it when he feels like riding it.

This one is  my son’s. Well, you are not going to see a third bicycle, because today I’m not only revealing something about our garage, I’m revealing as well something about me..I did not learn how to ride a bicycle when I was a kid ( so sad ).  Okay, let’s stop about this and proceed to my hubby’s stuff.

He has lots of power tools, electric grinder, electric cut off tool, cordless screw driver.  Honestly, I have never used any of his electrical or power tools.  What I’m certain of is that he uses them  a lot like in the assembly of furniture and so we save heaps of money again because if you ask someone to assemble a furniture, you pay them per hour and their rate is bloody expensive…$80-100/hr.  Now let’s take a closer look of what is inside his tool boxes..millions of sockets and screws

Aside from his tool boxes, he has also his tool chest and cabinet. He keeps his hammer  and other basic tools inside this one

After taking a photo of this one, I tried opening the second drawer and to my delight, this is what I saw

All types of sandpaper are inside.  Meaning to say, I just need to find an old furniture and I can paint it and distress it myself.  Wow, this is another challenge in the near future.  So where does he use these?  He use it in his!  My husband loves cars because he used to be a car racer and motocross driver before in his younger years in the Philippines ( those were his wild days..ahaha ).  We did not even think that because of this passion, he will become a licensed vehicle spray painter here in Australia.  At present, he works for a company which restores muscle cars and repairs prestige cars.  I’m lucky that I have never driven a car which is  not clean and shiny everyday come rain, shine or hail and that I have never cleaned any of our cars in 14.5 years since we became husband and wife.  I will show you now what he uses which are all in our garage

It’s good that he has a very good discount in Super Cheap being a licensed tradesman himself because I tell you he is obsessed in maintaining our cars shiny and scratch free all the time.  That’s why he has also these tools to repair any scratches on our cars and our friend’s  cars.

To prove to you how he loves cars, race and adrenalin, take a look at this:

Yeah, picture of his favorite F1 car racer..Michael Schumacker.  Well, he does not win anymore after his comeback after he retired but my husband is correct, he’s still a legend in F1 car racing.

Lastly, I want to show you our trailer which occupies most of the space of our garage but it does not matter since it has been very useful for us in many ways.

See, our trailer is customized because it has his name on it.  It’s because, my “Mr. Handyman” is also a Mr. “DIY” man.  There you go ladies and gentlemen, our old garage but with loads of stuff, useful, functional and organized.  Thanking God for a husband like him.

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