My son’s 13th birthday ( part 2 )


After the fun at M9 laser skirmish, the celebration continues in our humble abode.  In our place, we did have a photo booth for everyone

Me and my son ( background was the birthday present of my sister from the Philippines and brought to us by my brother and his family who was visiting )

To make the photo booth more exciting, I bought hair wigs, hats and glasses from the dollar shop for us to wear.  Those wigs really created a new look for everyone who wore it that night.  Well, as the saying goes” let your hair down” from time to time and our guests did and enjoyed it.

By the way, there were also some props like this Harry Potter wand which goes with the HP glasses ( my niece here is the female HP )

Oh, there were some masks too for anyone who who would like to make a facade during the picture taking.

Of course, aside from the photo booth, we had variety of food that  night which delighted our taste buds.  Like the colorful  and traditional Filipino rice cake in the above picture which are old-time favorites for the kids and adults.  Take note as well, we did not only have Filipino and Aussie food that night, we even had Japanese food like this Sushi.  So, in this party we really adhered to multiculturalism which is practiced in Australia.  But one thing was certain, we all wanted to have fun and we did! (Oh, and to mention again,  I used a ping-pong table as the buffet table, just half of it and covered it with table-cloth and table skirt  )

If you are following me, then you have seen the DIY chalkboard picture frames and the birthday banner for my son.  This is another one, a very simple decor, the badge was from a thrift store and the additional decor here which bears my son’s name and age is a paper coaster covered with craft paper where I’ve placed what I have printed ( Joseph @ 13 ).

We had also a total entertainment because we had “karaoke fun night” as well.  This is a picture of my talented  niece and sister in law, in one of their performances that night.  They have dedicated their songs of course to the birthday boy who was really so proud of his cousin and auntie.

After all the karaoke singing and fun games for the kids, my son had the blowing of candles and cutting of cake ( this was his second cake for that day since he had his ice cream cake as well at M 9 laser skirmish ).  This time, he had a picture cake from Michel’s patisserie.  I was the one who selected the photo and he was  happy with my choice.

There you go, my son’s 13th birthday party celebration which made him happy and because of that, me and my hubby and the rest of our family and friends were happy too.

God bless,



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Passionate about motivating and inspiring people to achieve their potentials to the fullest. A graduate of B.S. Medical Technology and Master of Arts in Guidance and Counselling. Taught for 15 years and served as Guidance Counselor for 5 years in a University in the Philippines. Migrated in Australia in 2005 with her husband and son. She continues to strive to be the best that she can be and hopes that by writing her everyday experiences, struggles and challenges, other people will be inspired to keep going and aspire to continually grow, improve and transform every aspect of their lives at its best

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    • Thanks so much. Yes, we had a great time celebrating and it was memorable too and you know why from my previous post. They’re back in the Philippines now and we miss them so much. Blessings to you

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