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In the last two posts that I’ve made, I’ve been featuring my pins from my “Inspiration/ Style for the Home board.  Today, let’s review what I’ve been pinning from my “Organization” and “DIY” boards

Here are few of them:

organization turned into decoration


This is so cool, you hit two birds with one stone that is, organizing those letters and bills while creating a wall to be admired.  I love the huge letter here by the way and the chalkboard where you can write reminders.

fantastic idea in utilizing every part of a book shelf


What a fantastic way to use every part of the open book shelves.  Even the sides were utilized to hang those basket type magazine holders.

shelf inspiration in the kitchen


I would like to have one like this in the kitchen, open shelves and everything is labeled.  At a glance, you can see what you’re looking for.

Simple office

Source: bhg

This is a very organized home office where you can really concentrate.  It has so many shelves where the binders are arranged.  So your important papers never get misplaced.

How about the garage?  How do you create extra space when you have millions of stuff ( of course, the man in the house also buys what he needs and what he wants ).  Let’s have a look at these:

organized garage

Source: Martha Stewart

In here, basic and important tools which are usually used in the house are kept hanging for accessibility and to maximize the space as well.

big hooks for bicycles

This is a picture of my hubby’s bike inside the garage.  He uses big hooks to hold huge items such as this.

organize those screws

Even the tiny things are kept in order by my hubby. This is how he arranges his screws and all those small yet very functional items.  He places them together and he never mixes them up.

Now, let’s take a look of what I have repinned lately which became so popular with 90 repins and still going

organize those scarves, nail polish and etc.


I bet so many women repinned this because every woman who by nature is fashionable, also has a dilemma..that is how to tidy up those fashion stuff like the millions of nail polish, scarves, boots etc.  So the above picture is the solution.  I love how those petite bottles of  nail polish were displayed.

This time, let’s feature some of my pins from my DIY board:

Put up some open shelvesI love this! Open shelves :)

Sources: sadieanddasie and theironstonenest

Open shelves are very handy and shelves can easily be installed.  My hubby just put one lately and it only took him few minutes to install it.  I’ve made a post about it, Lettered mantel )

corkboard with style..wanna do something like thiscork board make over

Source: sandandsisal and littleprince68 ( my own )

I have pinned a corkboard with style and so I did it myself too.  The picture on your right is my own DIY project {Awful to beautiful)

Dresser Makeover using gift wrap and flat glass gems from the craft storeA new look for a hand me down stool by covering it with polka dot gift wrap using gum glue and finishing it off with matt varnish.

Source: inmyownstyle and from my own blog ( Polka dots )

I admired how the dresser was transformed and so I tried to do something very similar.  Well, not as good as the dresser but surely the hand me down stool did have a new look.

By the way, here’s one which is so lovely but I haven’t done anything like this yet.

bright and bold colors

Source: Storypiece

Danielle from Storypiece who did this awesome project is a follower of mine and I’ve been following her as well and it’s always fantastic to know that we can share our stories even we are so far from each other.

With all of these, I know I will never lose the “interest” in Pinterest and of course, I will always have the desire to blog and to read blogs.  It’s just so liberating.

God bless,


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