Awards for me, awards for you!


Very Inspiring Blogger Award

One Lovely Blog Award

It is so rainy and windy here in NSW  today but I can say I still had the sunshine because I was nominated for two awards by a fellow blogger who’s inspiring many readers like me, she is Yashikibuta of  The Thriving Pessimist.  Well, she is someone who makes her readers to be optimist, to be positive and to always try. Her gardening projects have inspired me to try to do some gardening as well when spring comes ( it’s winter down here in Australia ).

So when one gets these awards, first you have to mention who nominated you and link back.  Also, you have to say 7 things about yourself and finally, you get to nominate 15 bloggers to receive these wonderful awards.  So, I’ve done the first one so we proceed to the second one:

7 Things about myself:

1.  I was born in the Philippines, spent many years there but became naturalized Australian citizen in 2007

2.  I taught in the University in the Philippines for fifteen years and I can say I taught with passion

3. I love dancing, disco and ballroom dancing and I can say I have the grace to dance on the dance floor

4.  I am not good in singing, I can’t reach high notes

5. I can’t stand a dirty and disorganized house

6. I really don’t love cooking, I only cook because I do not have any choice

7. I treasure friendship and I love my family, my immediate and extended family

15 bloggers that I have chosen to receive the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, and One Lovely Blogger Award are:

1.  chicenvelopements

2.  Storypiece

3.  Wifely perfection

4.  State of the Home

5.  Appealing Plan

6.  Southofmain

7.  Rachel@Peace, love and Fabulous

8.  Nest design studio

9.  Jill of all Trades, Master of None

9.  real life project

10. Jessica Thornburgh Artistry

11. Mama Moo

12. Rivera Douthit

13. Bucket List Publications

14. se pedre dans les images

15. My world to yours

There you go ladies and gentlemen, the 15 recipients of 2 awards.  Do not hesitate to pay them a visit.  Now I still have one thing to do, leave each one of them a comment and let them know about this.

God bless


About littleprince68

Passionate about motivating and inspiring people to achieve their potentials to the fullest. A graduate of B.S. Medical Technology and Master of Arts in Guidance and Counselling. Taught for 15 years and served as Guidance Counselor for 5 years in a University in the Philippines. Migrated in Australia in 2005 with her husband and son. She continues to strive to be the best that she can be and hopes that by writing her everyday experiences, struggles and challenges, other people will be inspired to keep going and aspire to continually grow, improve and transform every aspect of their lives at its best

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  1. Thank you so much for nominating me for these awards. You have perfect timing. This is my first day of summer vacation, so I will have time to acknowledge and post some nominations of my own.
    Enjoy your day!

  2. Thank you so much for including me in this, Nova. It’s such a sweet blessing and I can’t wait to check out the other blogs that you’ve shared. You are always so generous with your encouragement and friendship!

    You’re the best!

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