Tips on how to prepare for the 50th birthday of your partner


My husband just recently celebrated his 50th birthday party and it was truly enjoyable for everyone and I know my golden boy had so much fun.  In fact, one week has passed but we are still talking about it.  So how did I make sure that he would enjoy the party, something that he can’t forget since half a century is really a long time and this should not pass by unnoticed and not celebrated.  So here are my tips for you.

1.  Know the desire of his heart.  What you desire as a wife  does not matter this time.  What matters is, what does he like this time.  Ask him in advance how does he want to celebrate his golden anniversary.  For some men, they would want holidays abroad, flying to a  country where they have not been before.  Some would want a party, with family and friends. For my hubby, he said he wanted to experience to drive a luxurious recreational vehicle.

2.  Suggest and plan ahead.  After knowing what does he like, then it’s time for you to suggest to make  the experience a worthwhile one.  For instance, if he likes to go to Australia ( if you’re in the US, let’s say ), suggest what you can do in Australia like climb the Harbour bridge and if he agrees, then you can make the booking on-line.  If he likes to have a party, think carefully of the theme. Something that would be appropriate for his personality then search for the venue.  For my partner in life, he wanted to drive a recreational vehicle and so I suggested to him to have a camping party with our friends and he just liked the idea straight away.

3. Prepare for the details and think of surprises.  Even he knows what he is doing for his birthday, it’s still best for him not to know the details, this is your chance to surprise him.  Like if he knows that he is climbing Sydney Harbour bridge, make sure he does not know that you are booking  helicopter ride for him  to view the whole of Sydney from above.  If he will have a big party in a hall, do not let him know about the theme which will serve as a delight to him.  In my case, during our camping party, he knows that our friends are coming but he did not know that about the messages of our family members from the Philippines.  He was surprised and of course,  touched.

4. Enjoy the day with your man.  Allow him to be himself, to enjoy the party or the adventure to the fullest and let him see that you are very pleased since he is very happy.  After all, it is his big day, his big 50.

5.  Pray and thank your God together.  Thank your God for everything, for the gifts of life, family and friendship.  Thank Him for the wonderful weather for the food and  for the fun.  Well, thank HIM for everything.  At the end of the day, your man will feel very fulfilled for having a wife who prepared for his birthday and who prays with him

After sharing some tips, let me share to you some photos from my hubby’s 50th:

The boys

The food

The birthday messages and wishes ( read by me )

The outdoor photo booth

The happy family

The birthday boy and the  RV by Maui 

There you go, a simple yet interesting and memorable 50th birthday.

God bless,



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  1. These are such great tips!! Planning a party for kids is so different than planning for your spouse. It sounds like you made it an amazing day!

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