Transformation of a furniture


I love my walnut 9 piece dining  furniture but I thought of giving it a new spot.  A place where its beauty can be admired the most especially at this time of the year here down under, spring.  Of course, during summer its beauty and purpose can linger on.

I took the risk of putting it in our courtyard, our outdoor space.  The problem definitely is how to keep it damage-free because of the harsh weather and other elements outside.  So, me  and my hubby went to Bunnings Warehouse where you can find all stuff for home renovations and DIY projects.  This is what was recommended to us:

The solution:  Bondall Clear Timber varnish for Indoor furniture ( I contains invisible Zinc to protect your furniture from UV light exposure.

Then during my day off from work, I did my project.  I put varnish on my dining table and 8 dining chairs.

I applied one thin coat  and let it dry which I think only took an hour.  But after the drying time, I was pleased with what I saw and therefore, I decided not to apply another coating.

One coating was enough to make it shiny and cover some of the small scratches.  Well, my husband said that he’ll apply the second coat one weekend to really make sure our furniture gets the maximum protection from high temperature when summer arrives.  But for now, I am just happy to have a shinier 9 piece dining suite in our courtyard.

For sure there is no regret that I took the risk of transforming my indoor dining suite to be an outdoor furniture.  Now I can say, we are pretty much prepared to face and enjoy the increase of  afternoon life as Daylight saving time commences in NSW and other parts of Australia  tomorrow.

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    • Thank you so much. Wishing you all the very best in Jakarta. I know by adopting another country and leaving our comfort zone is not too easy but I can say it’s worth it. We learn, we grow and become better persons. I am from the Philippines and Australia is our adopted country. Cheers

  1. Hi,
    I’m from Bondall and would just like to say we love what you’ve done with the table. It looks beautiful in your gorgeous backyard. I have posted a link to this page on our twitter account, so hopefully more people can get into the DIY spirit.

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