Make the most out of Daylight Saving Time


Daylight Saving Time commences tomorrow ( 2am, 7th of October) in NSW, it means that time should be brought one hour forward.  Well, it means we lose an hour and like most people I do not like it.  Unlike when daylight saving time ends, we gain an extra hour which can be used for sleeping in.  So, is it NOT good after all? The answer is NO.  Daylight saving time has still many advantages especially for the family.  Daylight saving time means day is longer and hence, more time to do many activities in  broad day light.  It gives families the chance to enjoy the outdoors all the more.  On weekends, families can go to their local park for a walk or have barbecue.  Families can go to the beach to swim, surf or simply to stroll.  It’s that time of the year when you have enough time to make the most out of your beautiful surroundings.

Daylight saving time is not only best outside the comfort of your own home. In fact, it’s best to stay at home as well and maximize the outdoor space that you have.  Kids can play in the backyard while you enjoy a cup of tea in your garden set.  Families can have dinner together in the courtyard after putting some lamb chops and barbeque steak on the grill.  This allows opportunity for an easy dinner preparation.  Now the most important thing to do is to check if you’re ready for an Al fresco type of dining since the weather is now compatible and favorable with it.  For us we made sure we are ready to let ourselves feel the breeze of air while we eat the freshly grilled lamb chops, mini rib pork chops or T-bone steak since I have transformed our indoor dining set  to an outdoor furniture, I just made a post about it this morning, transformation of a furniture.  Now I will show you more photos ( and details ) of our courtyard:

Our dining set/suite becomes the focal point in the courtyard where guests can gather just in case we invite our friends for a weekend barbeque.

We have 2 big red planters  on each side of the dining suite and three small  red ones  at the center to add color to our courtyard.

We have outdoor decor which says ” God bless our Home”, which is of course our everyday prayer

Another one which says, “Home is where the Heart is”, this is really what we feel.  The best place is our own nest, where our hearts belong completely

Last one reads,” He who plants a garden, plants happiness” which reminds me and my husband to take care of our garden which makes the environment full of life.

We have placed several candles as well on the sides to make sure that the outdoor dinner which is usually stretched into the night will have enough lights.  By the way, these are citronella candles so it protects everyone as from insects like mosquitoes and black flies which surely are present during the warm weather.

We have also a three person outside swing chair which is perfect for me, my husband and son.  On a lazy weekend afternoon, we always love to sit here and just relax.

On this photo, please pay attention to our garden set which my husband painted few years ago after finding it on the street during a clean-up.  Take note too that he has covered the table with a wheel cap cover. I tell you truly, I would always be an apprentice when it comes to DIY projects, but he can be a supervisor.  Anyway, so this is our courtyard.  Very much eager to receive guests and entertain and very much prepared to make the most out of Daylight Saving Time.

I’m sharing this to:  Shabby Art Boutique,Between naps on the porch,While He was Napping, My1929charmer

God bless,



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  1. You’ve helped me to “appreciate” daylight savings time, I don’t, means less daylight. So appreciate more the time we do have, and invented way to highlight it. Your courtyard is so pretty, and you must enjoy it so as a family! Thanks for sharing your inspiration with Sunday’s Best – you helped make the party a success!

    • I feel so elated to receive wonderful and kind comments from a successful blogger and a creative homemaker like you. I would love to share more inspiration in your blog. God bless.

    • I’m so sorry, i just realized when I read again my post I failed to link back to your awesome blog. I have edited my post now. My apologies

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