You can decorate and organize a small powder room


A powder room should be very functional because it’s not only the people who live in the house go to this area but guests as well during parties and gatherings.  Thus, a small powder room should not limit you from decorating it while making it functional.  This powder room has a side table where vase was placed and for sure its drawer contains whatever is essential in this room like hand wash or soaps .  A picture frame was also placed for a simple decoration and of course the highlight of this powder room is the chandelier which made it very elegant



I would like to show you this powder room with wooden shelves on top of the toilet bowl where cotton balls, rolls of toilet paper,cotton buds are neatly displayed and organized.



Now, let me reveal to you our own powder room, small, functional and with simple decoration.

My husband put this stainless steel shelves which did not need any hooks, just a bit of assembly and voila, space to place toiletries and some decoration.

I have placed this artificial orchid plant which I think still plays a role in making our powder room  to be fresh and relaxing.

Likewise I put my chalkboard picture frame which I originally did as a decoration for my son’s 13th birthday.  This time, I wrote wash and relax, words we do accomplish of course inside a powder room.

I have displayed as well a candle on top of uncooked rice.  I actually got the idea from Pinterest since I’ve seen one time candle placed on top of coffee beans.  I decided to use uncooked rice since rice is the staple food for Filipinos.  Well, if this is your first time to read my blog, allow me to tell you that we are Australian citizens but we are from the Philippines. So, by blood we are still Filipinos so everything we do, Filipino culture will always be seen and observed.

The rattan box by the way, contains rolls of toilet paper.  I have small vases as well just to make the shelves more appealing upon entry

There you go my dear readers, now we can be convinced that a small space should not stop us from decorating and organizing.

Kindly tell me your comments and ideas please.

God bless,


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