Natural Fresh Scent for every Home


We have been living in Australia now for 7 years.  We have adapted to its system, or shall I call it culture.  But surely, one thing we can’t change is our taste buds which will always crave for Filipino food.  This would include cooking with fish sauce or shrimp paste or cooking dried fish.  Well, to us Filipinos by blood and heart, it’s something we will always enjoy.  It’s something delightful to us but I am very much aware that these food may be disgusting to the sense of smell of other people.  So how do I keep our house smelling good all the time?  Well, one thing for sure, I always open the kitchen windows for good air circulation.  Likewise, I rely on scented candles as well to neutralize the odor in the kitchen or even in the whole house.  But recently, I found a solution which is very natural.  I found this DIY Natural Fresh Scent from The Yummy Life and I tried one of the recipes which is composed of lemons, vanilla and rosemary herbs:


Guided by the above picture, I gathered all the ingredients:



Vanilla extract

I cut the lemons thinly, then placed them in a cooking pot together with the rosemary.  Then, I poured the vanilla extract and added water before cooking it in medium flame

Cooking the ingredients in a pot in medium flame really made the house smelling fresh and natural after several minutes.  However, the drawback of this method is in the outcome of the appearance when you place it in a jar.  I’m telling you, the water became totally not clear and  even the rosemary’s color has changed so much.  So I’ve decided to repeat the procedure but this time, I’ve placed all the ingredients in my tea-pot.  Since tea light was used, the all the ingredients were not overcooked.  Even the green color of the rosemary herb was retained

As you can see here, the water is still not perfectly clear which is of course the outcome of the cooking process but it’s still good enough for me to display it since the natural color of my ingredients remain the same.

There you go my dear readers and followers, an added display in my kitchen, my first DIY Natural Fresh scent for the kitchen, or shall I say, for the home.  Next time, I might try oranges, ginger and almond extract.  Please tell me if you have tried another recipe which can make our home smelling fresh and natural all day long.

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God bless,



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