Saturday Pinterest Revelation


I really do love Pinterest because there I can just pin anything that pleases my eyes, my heart and soul.  Wow, you might say this is a bit exaggerated.  But for me it’s true since in Pinterest I can be myself without having the effort of doing something, I just pin what I love, whatever catches my eyes.  Then sometimes, out of so much inspiration, I  just find myself doing what I have pinned.  Sometimes too, I dream of having something I have pinned or dream that I can create similar stuff from my boards.  Well, to dream is the start anyway.  Then the virtue of hope which allows me to keep moving forward.  Afterwards, I look for resources, do I have the time to do it or do I have the talent to pursue it.  Honestly, sometimes the answer is no.  But that is okay, the lesson I get here is that, I need to accept that I cannot get everything that I like.  But at the same time, I can make the most out of the things that I have.  I can enjoy the imperfectly perfect home of ours.  Yes, a home may not be perfect but it is a sign of an authentic life, worth lived and completely unique.  So, let me share to you what I’ve been pinning, what I desire and what my heart shouts for:

Benjamin Moore Color "alfresco" by Potttery Barn. A deep, dusty blue that promises to relax and calm:)

source ( I love this bathroom fully organized and completely relaxing )

blue plank walls

Source  ( I adore this bedroom with wooden walls, Looks classic but at the same time chic and makes me think of the place where I grew up )

Neutral tones of creme and charcoal grey

Source ( I love neutral tones, I love ecru, vanilla, cream and brown.  I love wooden furniture too like this coffee table )

small dining room attached to living room

Source ( Another one which reveals my admiration to earth and neutral colors. Also, this one shows my inspiration of designing/decorating a small space )

family pics

Source ( My love for photos where memories are captured, where stories are retained)

These are just some of my pins from my board, Inspiration/Style for the Home.  I promise I will show you more and more and more.  Until next time.

God bless,



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