Saturday Pinterest Revelation


Time really flies, it’s weekend again and it’s time for me to show what I’ve been pinning in Pinterest.  You’ll see what caught my eyes again.  Let’s have a look at my pins:

chandelier in laundry room


I find this laundry room truly amazing, the chandelier made it so unique.  This is an evidence that the homemaker is thinking outside the box.  Usually, beautiful chandeliers are placed in living  rooms or dining rooms.  But this time, it’s placed in the laundry room to create a sense of excitement even I know I have to do some work in this room.

office space in the living room


I love the idea of an office in the lounge room  because it gives me the chance to do whatever I need to do like reading or blogging while being physically close to my son and hubby who may be doing something else in the same space.  I love the display of photos too because pictures remind me of good times and joyous occasions.



The words ( or shall I say the lyrics ) are so catchy.  For me this DIY project really strikes deep within.  It gives me a reminder to be a sunshine to my family especially when things are not right for them.  It also tells me that I am blessed because I have my own sunshine in some rainy days and that I have a supportive husband and a caring son who can make me smile  in spite of the stress of everyday life.

cute touches in laundry room


Another laundry room, this one is with cute touches.  I love the sign which says “simplify”.  It constantly challenges me to believe that there is beauty in simplicity, a simple home filled with love and laughter, a simple life in general which is full of contentment because of my family and friends.

God bless,



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