Decorate and Organize your laundry room


Laundry room can’t be ignored and for sure, it is a room that is visited three times, twice or at least once a week.  Of course, because it is where we wash our soiled clothes, linens and a lot more.  Washing is not 100% enjoyable but surely it’s inevitable.  So, how does one cope with laundry, in fact with the unending laundry?Make it sure that the room where you do your washing is pleasing enough to encourage you to do your unwanted work.  It’s always good if a room is organized and better still, decorated for you to alleviate the pressure in keeping up with this household chore.  I really admire homemakers who share their organized and decorated laundry room.  Let’s have a look at simple yet organized laundry rooms:

Pinned Image


The laundry room above is made clutter free due to the shelves which hold, paper towel, toilet paper, towels and others. As you can see, a frame which bears a strong reminder is placed beneath the shelves.  It reads”  Style is optional but clean is NOT”.  This is very true of course that’s why whether we like it or not we visit our laundry room often.

Giant Laundry Room Sign Tutorial: “Endless Love & Laundry”(+ Free Printable!)


The above Laundry room sign which reads: : “This home has endless Love and Laundry” is perfectly true whether you have a small or big family.  The sign helps the one who’s doing the laundry to be patient in sorting, washing, folding and repeating the same steps over and over again.  So meaning to say, laundry is synonymous with love, “do the laundry until it hurts”..ahaha. Now my turn to show you our laundry room:

laundry rm 2

We have a small laundry room but we make it sure that it does not stop me from organizing and decorating it.  We have hooks where we hang our baskets.  We do have open shelves too which help hold our laundry powder, boxes of tissue paper, container for pegs and others. Let me show you the details

oil lamp in laundry

work n enjoy life

laundry powder

wacky in laundry

The picture above is a wacky shot taken on Christmas day with our whole family in the Philippines.  I thought of placing it in the laundry because I know this photo will always make me smile even  when I’m tired.

laundry room

There you go my dear followers and visitors, our small, functional, organized and decorated laundry room.

God bless,


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  1. So jealous of your huge sink! What a great resource to have in your laundry room. Love that you hung you basket up high too. The whole room looks nice!

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