Under your bathroom sink


pretty for a bathroom cabinet


wallpaper for a toilet cabinet


The above pictures are so pretty for me, perfectly organized, neat and with style.  Today, I’ve inspected what is under our bathroom sink.  Are you ready?

under your bathroom sink

Obviously, our one is not as stylish and pretty.  But I can say, it’s not too bad too.  I can still improve but the most important thing is, we can see what we are looking for like  paracetamol  and antihistamine, ointments or creams.  Well, thanks to tray organizers.  For homemakers out there like me, we just need to continue to be organized and help ourselves to have more quality time with our family.  When we are organized, then we do not waste time looking for something and we do not get angry.

I will think of some ways on how to improve what is under our bathroom sink.  Maybe, colored tray organizers and labels?  What do you think?  Well, style can wait but organization and cleanliness can’t wait at all

God bless,


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  1. You already look way more organized than I am. I recently read that putting your liquids in matching (labelled) containers can really help get organized in the bathroom. I’m afraid I use such a variety of products that I’m not sure that would help me, but I’m seeing that trend in the photos you used for inspiration. Can’t wait to see what stylish ideas you come up with.

    • Hi! I usually go to my pins in pinterest and derive inspiration from there and of course, I get to be inspired by bloggers all over the world..great homemakers like you. “Storypiece” is exciting and it’s getting better and better.

  2. That looks amazing. As far as I’m concerned, yours is gorgeous. If you can’t tell, I’m totally jealous.

  3. Since I make my living as a home inspector, let me make a suggestion here:

    Don’t store chemicals of any type in your sink cabinets.

    The chemicals can eat away at the plumbing and the underside of your sink. You also don’t want young children or pet getting to those chemicals when they are stored so low.

    Instead. store chemicals in upper cabinets. In your sink cabinets, store things that normally are dry, like towels, wash clothes, kleenex, bathroom tissue. What that does is allow you to check for plumbing leaks every time you go to get something that should be dry. If it’s wet, then you know you have a leak somewhere. Being proactive can help prevent water damage and mold.

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