How to Decorate a Bookshelf


I have shown you what is under our bathroom sink recently and because of your lovely and inspiring comments, I would surely come up with an idea how to make it prettier and more pleasing to the eyes.  While, thinking how to update what is under our bathroom sink let me reveal to you our newly bought bookshelf which I have decorated

my own bookstyleDo you like what you see?  Hopefully you do since I was so pleased with the outcome.  So how did I do it? Firstly, before we bought the bookshelf, I had already in mind what I wanted to place.   I thought of the souvenirs from the Philippines which I recently bought.  Let me show them to you

tricycleTricycles ( A motorcyle used as a “taxi” ) a means of transportation in the Philippines

jeepJeepney, common means of public transportation in the Philippines.  Originally made from US military jeeps left after world war II. Very popular because of its flamboyant decoration

sorbetesSorbetes cart, “sorbetes” known as ice cream to Filipinos are placed in this wooden cart and the a vendor pushes this cart and sells ice cream throughout the day.

home in bookshelf

Of course, photo of me, my hubby and my son ( This is one of our latest picture taken on Christmas day in a studio).  I put it beside the words welcome HOME since we are a family who welcomes love and friendship in our household.

siblings n parentsThere is also a photo of me with my parents and siblings.  Since even they are not physically here with us, they mean a lot to us.

our bookshelfSecondly, I did  NOT go for symmetry but I tried to create balance.  I did not  put all the picture frames together nor the similar objects beside each other.  I did scatter them and made sure too that the objects are of different heights to give emphasis to every single item.

Thirdly, I thought of the color scheme.  I decided to have a mixture of gold, cream and green and I was glad with the result.  I think soft color like cream or white with a bit of bold color can really make any decoration interesting since it breaks the color monotony.

Lastly, I made sure that the main purpose why we bought this  bookshelf is not defeated ( not really to organize books because this is in the entryway ).  Our objective is to hide the shoes we wear everyday.  So the last shelf is made for this purpose.

sideview of bookshelf

bookshelf side

my bookshelf

There you go folks, I guess I just made another focal point in our house with a very simple goal, to hide our everyday shoes.  This is quite good indeed, do you agree?

God bless,


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  1. Very nice arrangement. I like bookcases that aren’t entirely symmetrical or “perfect.” I love the green accents! I organize my bookshelves by color too so the little vignettes compliment the rest of the room.

    • Thank you Sage for the nice comment. I’m so glad you like my arrangement. By the way, I’ve visited your site and I find it very interesting. I know I can learn a lot from you. All the best

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