Australia day, what does it mean to us?


Australia day is celebrated every 26th of January.  It commemorates the arrival of the First Fleet from Great Britain in Port Jackson which is now part of Sydney.  During Australia day Australians celebrate their country and culture.  So being Australian citizens we do celebrate it every year, we take pride in the accomplishments of Australia as a country and most importantly, we take pride that this nation is multicultural and that it has embraced many cultures which include our own, the Filipino culture.  Today, I would like to show you how we celebrated Australia day 2013.

Photo: Our simple table centrepiece today..Happy Australia day!!!

I’ve made a simple table centerpiece consist of Australian flags to show how grateful we are to this country in our own simple way.

Me and my son at the Hunter

Then we drove up north of Sydney, made our short escape to the Hunter Valley.  We visited the largest garden display in Australia, the Hunter Valley Garden wearing Australian shirts.

Nova at HVGDuring Australia day, we thank Australia for making us its own without taking away from us our own culture, our own identity.  We thank Australia for allowing us to enjoy its beauty and share it with the rest of the world.

God bless,



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