Mismatched or Compatible?


Compatibility is a word which contributes to a lasting relationship.  When two persons are compatible, then we can say that they are making of a good couple.  But I’ve seen many couples who are exactly the opposite but they can manage to keep a healthy and exciting relationships.  Surely these couples know how to compromise and perfectly know how to accept each other.

When it comes to design, it does not necessarily need to be perfect, does not need to be symmetrical and can even be mismatched.  Let us take a look at these:

Pinned Image

Source ( Mismatched chairs in this cottage style looks very pretty for me

mix your home decor

Source ( mixture of color in the bookshelf makes it so exciting )

mismatched placemats

Source ( mismatched place mats  which still created a very colorful and beautiful tablescape )

Now we can say that in relationships and design, mismatched can still produce harmony and beauty that can be appreciated to the fullest.

God bless,



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