Under Your Bathroom Sink Part 2


I have made a post not so long ago entitled “Under your Bathroom Sink”.  To my surprise, I got very good comments, they thought that our bathroom sink was pretty organized ( although for me it was not pretty at all ).  I had also a  comment from Russel Ray Photos a professional home inspector  who is one of my followers.  He made an advise that dry stuff like towels, bathroom and the like should be stored under the bathroom sink to make it easy for us to know if there’s a leakage somewhere.  Likewise he mentioned to me that chemicals kept in the bathroom sink might eat away the plumbing and the underside of the sink.   Well, since he is a professional home inspector, he has all the knowledge about these things and I know I should take his comments on board.  However, I had some problems.  The space under our bathroom sink is quite small for me to store towels and toilet paper.  But having in mind that chemicals should be stored away, I thought of a solution.  bread

I thought that the enamel bread tin which of course always keeps moisture away can do the trick.  But of course I need to change the label.  Now I turned on to my chalkboard paint:

chalkboard paint

I love these chalkboard paint which I have used in many projects of mine.

DIY CB project

Now I can say that chalkboard paint works so well with enamel tins.  It only took me few seconds to apply it and the dried so quickly as well.

medsNow I have an entirely new label.  I have placed inside most of the liquid medicine hoping that chemicals will not eat away the plumbing under our sink ( well, this is just a guess, I have to wait for the comment of a professional again).

labeled medsI have used another enamel tin here which is labeled sink so I did not have to change it.  I just made sure that all of us in our household will find it easy to look for what we need by sorting out the other medicine.  I have divided it into three categories, for allergies, for swelling and for colds and flu.  I also put the cream and ointments here which I should have labeled 4.  Anyway, I will get it done after  this post.

bathroom sink reorgSo here is our updated “under the bathroom sink organization”.  So for those of you who have seen my previous “under the bathroom sin organization”, do you like the improvement?  I would surely love to hear your comments and I will take it on board, for sure.

God bless,


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