Main bathroom revealed


Spring has sprung here in Australia and even though the temperature is still low and is still chilly, spring has arrived and here to stay for few months.

So what do we think during this season? It can be the blooming flowers and the great outdoors. It can be ” spring cleaning” and organisation. Whatever we think, it’s the time of the year before summer where our lives become busier because of the massive opportunities we can do outside.

For me, one thing I surely do is to get rid of clutter and organise more so even when we are busy doing outdoor activities or even when we go on holidays, when we come back to our home we will still feel relaxed because it’s tidy and clean.

One thing that I always make sure is that the bathroom is clean and organised. It’s a very private room but we can say it is also public because you share it with other family members. So the bathroom is a room where you must feel rejuvenated whether in the morning after a quick shower or in the evening after a long extended bath.

So here it is, I am revealing our bathroom for the first time.



Candles surround our tub to create a calming effect when having a bath




Our vanity, which I made sure is not full of stuff but all the essentials are visible



Just like the jar with labeled with cotton balls which is inevitably needed especially by my teenager who’s now having a bit of problem to combat those nasty pimples ( which of course is part of growing up )

As you can see here, his face regimen is not hidden to remind him all the time to use them



This is the view of the bathroom as soon as you open the door



Of course, my chalkboard projects are here and they are here to stay


Hey, for those of you who have been following me since then, you might recognize the blue fabric flowers given by Beth, a very creative lady of The Renegade Seamtress which is a decor of mine now in our main bathroom

For me a bathroom should be able to cater all your needs and it’s a room where you can relax completely. It’s the place in the house which should help you start your day right and end it it with satisfaction. It is a room that should offer a rejuvenating retreat for everyone.


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