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Bookshelf and Powder Room Redecorated


Everywhere we go, there are always revisions and updates such as revisions of policies in our workplace or simply updates in our iphone applications. In our home, we need to redecorate and update as well.  It does not mean though that we have to buy a new furniture or really make a huge project like painting the whole house or removing the carpet in the bedrooms.  For me, simply adding few items or  a single piece of item can make a big difference.  Let us look at thesepowder rm

powder rm redoObviously, you can see at a glance  the basket that I have added to hold more stuff.  Then there are small items that I’ve added as well to definitely eliminate the dullness of the shelves in our powder room.  Can you spot on them?

Here’s another one with a simple change due to the additional of one single item:

my own bookstyle

bookshelf upgradedI have added in our bookshelf an indoor/outdoor lantern which I bought from Dusk for only $10.00.

The process of transformation can be quite simple,  yet we can be sure of a better effect.  Do you agree?

God Bless,


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Between Naps on the Porch

Mismatched or Compatible?


Compatibility is a word which contributes to a lasting relationship.  When two persons are compatible, then we can say that they are making of a good couple.  But I’ve seen many couples who are exactly the opposite but they can manage to keep a healthy and exciting relationships.  Surely these couples know how to compromise and perfectly know how to accept each other.

When it comes to design, it does not necessarily need to be perfect, does not need to be symmetrical and can even be mismatched.  Let us take a look at these:

Pinned Image

Source ( Mismatched chairs in this cottage style looks very pretty for me

mix your home decor

Source ( mixture of color in the bookshelf makes it so exciting )

mismatched placemats

Source ( mismatched place mats  which still created a very colorful and beautiful tablescape )

Now we can say that in relationships and design, mismatched can still produce harmony and beauty that can be appreciated to the fullest.

God bless,


How to Decorate a Bookshelf


I have shown you what is under our bathroom sink recently and because of your lovely and inspiring comments, I would surely come up with an idea how to make it prettier and more pleasing to the eyes.  While, thinking how to update what is under our bathroom sink let me reveal to you our newly bought bookshelf which I have decorated

my own bookstyleDo you like what you see?  Hopefully you do since I was so pleased with the outcome.  So how did I do it? Firstly, before we bought the bookshelf, I had already in mind what I wanted to place.   I thought of the souvenirs from the Philippines which I recently bought.  Let me show them to you

tricycleTricycles ( A motorcyle used as a “taxi” ) a means of transportation in the Philippines

jeepJeepney, common means of public transportation in the Philippines.  Originally made from US military jeeps left after world war II. Very popular because of its flamboyant decoration

sorbetesSorbetes cart, “sorbetes” known as ice cream to Filipinos are placed in this wooden cart and the a vendor pushes this cart and sells ice cream throughout the day.

home in bookshelf

Of course, photo of me, my hubby and my son ( This is one of our latest picture taken on Christmas day in a studio).  I put it beside the words welcome HOME since we are a family who welcomes love and friendship in our household.

siblings n parentsThere is also a photo of me with my parents and siblings.  Since even they are not physically here with us, they mean a lot to us.

our bookshelfSecondly, I did  NOT go for symmetry but I tried to create balance.  I did not  put all the picture frames together nor the similar objects beside each other.  I did scatter them and made sure too that the objects are of different heights to give emphasis to every single item.

Thirdly, I thought of the color scheme.  I decided to have a mixture of gold, cream and green and I was glad with the result.  I think soft color like cream or white with a bit of bold color can really make any decoration interesting since it breaks the color monotony.

Lastly, I made sure that the main purpose why we bought this  bookshelf is not defeated ( not really to organize books because this is in the entryway ).  Our objective is to hide the shoes we wear everyday.  So the last shelf is made for this purpose.

sideview of bookshelf

bookshelf side

my bookshelf

There you go folks, I guess I just made another focal point in our house with a very simple goal, to hide our everyday shoes.  This is quite good indeed, do you agree?

God bless,


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Merry Christmas


This post will be very short but sweet.  This is my first time to write a post not in our Sydney home but in my country of birth the Philippines.  I would like to share to you the gladness in my heart, the love that is overflowing since this Christmas I’m not only with my hubby and son but with my parents, siblings, nephews and nieces.  I had the chance to see my relatives as well and got the opportunity to meet old friends.  So, what more can I ask for?  There’s none, I just need to say thank you to the One who’s the reason for this season.  Have a Merry Christmas everyone and may your home be filled with JOY this Christmas and always!!

IMG_2276Our Hallway table with simple Christmas decoration ( in our Sydney home)


God bless,


Saturday Pinterest Revelation


I really do love Pinterest because there I can just pin anything that pleases my eyes, my heart and soul.  Wow, you might say this is a bit exaggerated.  But for me it’s true since in Pinterest I can be myself without having the effort of doing something, I just pin what I love, whatever catches my eyes.  Then sometimes, out of so much inspiration, I  just find myself doing what I have pinned.  Sometimes too, I dream of having something I have pinned or dream that I can create similar stuff from my boards.  Well, to dream is the start anyway.  Then the virtue of hope which allows me to keep moving forward.  Afterwards, I look for resources, do I have the time to do it or do I have the talent to pursue it.  Honestly, sometimes the answer is no.  But that is okay, the lesson I get here is that, I need to accept that I cannot get everything that I like.  But at the same time, I can make the most out of the things that I have.  I can enjoy the imperfectly perfect home of ours.  Yes, a home may not be perfect but it is a sign of an authentic life, worth lived and completely unique.  So, let me share to you what I’ve been pinning, what I desire and what my heart shouts for:

Benjamin Moore Color "alfresco" by Potttery Barn. A deep, dusty blue that promises to relax and calm:)

source ( I love this bathroom fully organized and completely relaxing )

blue plank walls

Source  ( I adore this bedroom with wooden walls, Looks classic but at the same time chic and makes me think of the place where I grew up )

Neutral tones of creme and charcoal grey

Source ( I love neutral tones, I love ecru, vanilla, cream and brown.  I love wooden furniture too like this coffee table )

small dining room attached to living room

Source ( Another one which reveals my admiration to earth and neutral colors. Also, this one shows my inspiration of designing/decorating a small space )

family pics

Source ( My love for photos where memories are captured, where stories are retained)

These are just some of my pins from my board, Inspiration/Style for the Home.  I promise I will show you more and more and more.  Until next time.

God bless,


You can decorate and organize a small powder room


A powder room should be very functional because it’s not only the people who live in the house go to this area but guests as well during parties and gatherings.  Thus, a small powder room should not limit you from decorating it while making it functional.  This powder room has a side table where vase was placed and for sure its drawer contains whatever is essential in this room like hand wash or soaps .  A picture frame was also placed for a simple decoration and of course the highlight of this powder room is the chandelier which made it very elegant



I would like to show you this powder room with wooden shelves on top of the toilet bowl where cotton balls, rolls of toilet paper,cotton buds are neatly displayed and organized.



Now, let me reveal to you our own powder room, small, functional and with simple decoration.

My husband put this stainless steel shelves which did not need any hooks, just a bit of assembly and voila, space to place toiletries and some decoration.

I have placed this artificial orchid plant which I think still plays a role in making our powder room  to be fresh and relaxing.

Likewise I put my chalkboard picture frame which I originally did as a decoration for my son’s 13th birthday.  This time, I wrote wash and relax, words we do accomplish of course inside a powder room.

I have displayed as well a candle on top of uncooked rice.  I actually got the idea from Pinterest since I’ve seen one time candle placed on top of coffee beans.  I decided to use uncooked rice since rice is the staple food for Filipinos.  Well, if this is your first time to read my blog, allow me to tell you that we are Australian citizens but we are from the Philippines. So, by blood we are still Filipinos so everything we do, Filipino culture will always be seen and observed.

The rattan box by the way, contains rolls of toilet paper.  I have small vases as well just to make the shelves more appealing upon entry

There you go my dear readers, now we can be convinced that a small space should not stop us from decorating and organizing.

Kindly tell me your comments and ideas please.

God bless,


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Shabby Nest

The Shabby Nest

Make the most out of Daylight Saving Time


Daylight Saving Time commences tomorrow ( 2am, 7th of October) in NSW, it means that time should be brought one hour forward.  Well, it means we lose an hour and like most people I do not like it.  Unlike when daylight saving time ends, we gain an extra hour which can be used for sleeping in.  So, is it NOT good after all? The answer is NO.  Daylight saving time has still many advantages especially for the family.  Daylight saving time means day is longer and hence, more time to do many activities in  broad day light.  It gives families the chance to enjoy the outdoors all the more.  On weekends, families can go to their local park for a walk or have barbecue.  Families can go to the beach to swim, surf or simply to stroll.  It’s that time of the year when you have enough time to make the most out of your beautiful surroundings.

Daylight saving time is not only best outside the comfort of your own home. In fact, it’s best to stay at home as well and maximize the outdoor space that you have.  Kids can play in the backyard while you enjoy a cup of tea in your garden set.  Families can have dinner together in the courtyard after putting some lamb chops and barbeque steak on the grill.  This allows opportunity for an easy dinner preparation.  Now the most important thing to do is to check if you’re ready for an Al fresco type of dining since the weather is now compatible and favorable with it.  For us we made sure we are ready to let ourselves feel the breeze of air while we eat the freshly grilled lamb chops, mini rib pork chops or T-bone steak since I have transformed our indoor dining set  to an outdoor furniture, I just made a post about it this morning, transformation of a furniture.  Now I will show you more photos ( and details ) of our courtyard:

Our dining set/suite becomes the focal point in the courtyard where guests can gather just in case we invite our friends for a weekend barbeque.

We have 2 big red planters  on each side of the dining suite and three small  red ones  at the center to add color to our courtyard.

We have outdoor decor which says ” God bless our Home”, which is of course our everyday prayer

Another one which says, “Home is where the Heart is”, this is really what we feel.  The best place is our own nest, where our hearts belong completely

Last one reads,” He who plants a garden, plants happiness” which reminds me and my husband to take care of our garden which makes the environment full of life.

We have placed several candles as well on the sides to make sure that the outdoor dinner which is usually stretched into the night will have enough lights.  By the way, these are citronella candles so it protects everyone as from insects like mosquitoes and black flies which surely are present during the warm weather.

We have also a three person outside swing chair which is perfect for me, my husband and son.  On a lazy weekend afternoon, we always love to sit here and just relax.

On this photo, please pay attention to our garden set which my husband painted few years ago after finding it on the street during a clean-up.  Take note too that he has covered the table with a wheel cap cover. I tell you truly, I would always be an apprentice when it comes to DIY projects, but he can be a supervisor.  Anyway, so this is our courtyard.  Very much eager to receive guests and entertain and very much prepared to make the most out of Daylight Saving Time.

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God bless,


Transformation of a furniture


I love my walnut 9 piece dining  furniture but I thought of giving it a new spot.  A place where its beauty can be admired the most especially at this time of the year here down under, spring.  Of course, during summer its beauty and purpose can linger on.

I took the risk of putting it in our courtyard, our outdoor space.  The problem definitely is how to keep it damage-free because of the harsh weather and other elements outside.  So, me  and my hubby went to Bunnings Warehouse where you can find all stuff for home renovations and DIY projects.  This is what was recommended to us:

The solution:  Bondall Clear Timber varnish for Indoor furniture ( I contains invisible Zinc to protect your furniture from UV light exposure.

Then during my day off from work, I did my project.  I put varnish on my dining table and 8 dining chairs.

I applied one thin coat  and let it dry which I think only took an hour.  But after the drying time, I was pleased with what I saw and therefore, I decided not to apply another coating.

One coating was enough to make it shiny and cover some of the small scratches.  Well, my husband said that he’ll apply the second coat one weekend to really make sure our furniture gets the maximum protection from high temperature when summer arrives.  But for now, I am just happy to have a shinier 9 piece dining suite in our courtyard.

For sure there is no regret that I took the risk of transforming my indoor dining suite to be an outdoor furniture.  Now I can say, we are pretty much prepared to face and enjoy the increase of  afternoon life as Daylight saving time commences in NSW and other parts of Australia  tomorrow.

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God bless,


How to entertain using your outdoor space


An outdoor space is very essential since it can be an extension of your home.  During late spring and summer when the temperature rises up, the best way to entertain is through your outdoor space and have alfresco dining.  So how does one make a good outdoor space?

1.  Consider putting a dining table so it can serve as a destination of your guests.  It’s the best solution to gather all your guests outside and hang out there for a while.

landscape ideas

2.  Make sure your table is appealing enough to draw the attention of your guests as soon as they arrive, put a vase with flowers from your garden or snip from the bush and off you go, table becomes very attractive.

relaxed porch

3. Follow the universal rule, have a grill nearby.  You wont go wrong with barbeque during spring, summer and even early autumn.  No one would want to be cooking or baking inside the kitchen when you can enjoy the outdoors but still have great food for your guests.

Courtyard Garden for entertaining

4. Consider the comfort of your guests.  In a party they want to relax as much a you do.  Hence make sure there are enough seats for them where they can enjoy their wine, or beer or brandy, their choice of course.

Love the candle chandy in this outdoor space!

5.  Light up your outdoor space.  For me, putting candles on the table and the floor create a very inviting and relaxing ambiance and of course, this ensure that your guests have the proper light to visualize the food they deserve to enjoy to the fullest.

Outdoor Dining at night

6.  Be creative.  Decoration is not only for indoors.  You can enhance your outdoor space by adding more cushions.  Remember if your guests are comfortable, they will linger on even after the meal.  You may want to arrange the glasses and the bottles of wine in an extraordinary fashion, like put  it in a tray with fruits on the side.


outdoors porch ideas

7.  Remember to wear a smile or better still laugh with your guests.  They will be enthusiastic to stay if they feel that you are enjoying their company.   After all, the party is for everyone.

God bless,


Bloom in Spring


Discover Australia’s springSpring starts in September here in Australia, my adopted country,the country where we migrated 7 years ago.  Since it is spring, it’s the season of regrowth and flowers.  The weather’s warmer, the flowers are in bloom, and love is in the air, so goes the song.  For me whose last post was in July, this is a comeback.  Just like this beautiful season, I’d love to regrow again, bloom with my followers and readers.

So let me start by sharing to you that spring is in the air even  in our masters bedroom.  Of course gone is the dark colors suited for winter and even autumn.  This time, I want something lighter, something fresh looking and something which denotes life.  Then I thought of the of the quilt cover set I bought from Aldi Store.  It’s a blue bird quilt cover set with stunning floral embroidery with detailed bird motifs on natural tone base.  I know this will add a soft look to our bedroom, just right in time for spring.  This is the photo which came with the my Quilt cover set:

The picture inspired me to make our bed and even redecorate our bedside table.  So after several minutes, this was the outcome:

Aside from the natural tone base, the quilt cover has embroidery with aqua blue and monochromatic red color, here’s the detail:

I thought that the colors are great which created a soft look to our bedroom so I decided to put decor  on the bedside table which are also re and blue in color. Here’s the detail:

I did not buy any of these decor, they’re in the house and  all I needed to do is to move them in our masters bedroom.  The bird photo that you see here is from Graphics Fairy and I first used this on this post Love for Easter where you can see the ceramic bird.  My candle holder is not new but since I had a break from blogging, I never had the chance to show this.  I bought this one for $5.00 from Dusk when it was on sale.  So basically, what is new here is only my quilt cover set.  But the old and new stuff created a totally new look to our masters bedroom, just the way I wanted it to be in  this favorite season of mine.

To all those that I’m following, allow me to tell you that I was still reading your posts through my phone during tea and lunch breaks at work.  I never abandoned you and let me say you unceasingly inspire me that’s why I returned and shall stay. To my followers, pardon me for failing you to read posts from me for more than 2 months.  But I’m back and you’ll read from me, promise!

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God bless,