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Autumn, The Season of Letting go


It’s autumn here in the world down under and I can’t help today to reflect about this season and what does it signify.

Gone are those longer days during summer when we celebrate but it is the time of transition. Maybe we have to think of the things that can be blown down to the ground alongside the autumn leaves

If the memory is hurting, it’s our chance to allow the emotions to swell up inside until they overflow as tears and allow them to roll down our cheeks like the leaves dropping outside.

As the leaves change color and fall, ask ourselves,what is it time for me to let go of?

God bless,





Yesterday was a normal working day for me and the rest of the people here in Australia.  Unlike in the Philippines, where I grew up, it’s long weekend for them.  It is one of the busiest time of the year where most people go to the provinces to visit the grave of their loved ones.  It is this of time of the year when the whole family or shall I say clan gather together in the cemetery, bringing flowers and lighting candles for their departed ones.  People in the cemetery do not shed tears anymore, unless of course they have lost a loved one very recently.  So the mood is actually not melancholic anymore but rather a festive one since every member of the family is there, enjoying each others company, chatting endlessly as they burn several candles throughout the day.

So this is what I’m missing every year when November commences.  All Saint’s Day makes me miss my family in the Philippnes all the more.  Sometimes I even wonder, do they even long for my presence in this time of the year?  It’s only them who can answer this question and I will just leave them the benefit of the doubt since anything I do not know can’t hurt me.  For me, I am very much aware of my feeling, I become melancholic in my adopted country whenever I know they are together, sharing happy moments or even sad moments together.  Do not get me wrong, I always want their happiness because I love them so dearly, it’s just that, not to be able to be with them in special occasions makes my heart weep.  I do not know if they would ever understand this state of feeling that I have since it is really different because they have each other and it’s only me who’s not with them while I do not have evryone here ( except for  my beloved son and husband ).

So how did I celebrate All Saint’s day?  I went to the church, knelt down and prayed for all my loved ones who are now gone.  I prayed as well for those who are still around yet so far from me.  After praying, I was off to goes on as they say, and I perfectly agree!