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Autumn, The Season of Letting go


It’s autumn here in the world down under and I can’t help today to reflect about this season and what does it signify.

Gone are those longer days during summer when we celebrate but it is the time of transition. Maybe we have to think of the things that can be blown down to the ground alongside the autumn leaves

If the memory is hurting, it’s our chance to allow the emotions to swell up inside until they overflow as tears and allow them to roll down our cheeks like the leaves dropping outside.

As the leaves change color and fall, ask ourselves,what is it time for me to let go of?

God bless,



Valentine’s day


It’s love month once again and by next week, we will celebrate Valentine’s day.  So, last weekend, while my husband went to do some overtime ( maybe for another gift for me..haha, my guy never fails me anyway ), I decorated for Valentine’s day:

V decorYou can see here our photos when we were still small

nova childI love this picture of mine carrying a handbag which shows that an early age my love for style

lorenzo childThis is a picture of my husband who’s always fascinated with airplanes.

I thought of the time when these photos were taken, when we were so innocent and carefree.  What we knew then was the love from our parents and other family members.  During that time, we never thought that someone would love us unconditionally and that we can spend a lifetime with someone who we never knew before, who we never met earlier in our lives.  But that is the making of a  love story, story of how two people met, how they fell in love  and how they keep the love forever.

love decorWhen we keep the love forever, then we are sure of this:

ever after

valentine's collage

So, let me greet you Happy Valentine’s day..from the bottom of my heart!

God bless,


Easter during fall, does it make sense?


I grew up in a country where Lent and Easter fall during the dry season, summer to be specific.  To us Filipinos ( well, I’m still Filipino by blood and Australian now by law ), the hot humidity during lent becomes our spiritual  challenge.  In the United States, Easter falls during spring.  It’s easy to give meaning then, spring which means  growth and new life which is the the significance of Easter that has been given by our Redeemer.  In autumn they celebrate ” Thanksgiving”, which becomes   the highlight of the season.  They give thanks on that day for all the bountiful blessings they receive.   They usually make meaningful mantels which include pumpkins which signify harvest and in return, this denotes abundance in life.

Source: Meadow Lake Cottage

You can also find mantels which emphasizes the counting of blessings of each member of the family.

Source: My Blessed Life

But how about for us here who live down under when Easter is during fall.  Is it right for us to decorate for Easter with a type of mantel which reminds the family to gather, count their blessings, give thanks and celebrate during Easter?  The answer to this question is a BIG yes.  Definitely Easter is a time to be thankful because our Lord opened the gates of heaven for us so that when our time comes, we can be with His Father.  Surely, Easter is a time to be thankful because  we can enjoy life while we are here on earth because of his many gifts for all of us, the gift of family ,  the gift of friendship, the gifts of joy and love just to name a few.  Truly Easter is a time to harvest what the Lord has planted for us…salvation!

With all these in mind, I can now say that Easter during fall makes sense after all and I feel blessed that I can decorate for fall in time for Easter here in Australia.  Easter anyway is a time for us to show gratitude for the GIFT of LIFE that we are all enjoying.

Stay tuned for my Fall/Easter mantel then.  Thanks for following  by the way.  God bless

A mother’s prayer


I read a very heartbreaking news this morning from the internet that an 8 year old boy was hit by a car yesterday here in NSW, tried to be revived by his own mother but later died in the hospital. Apparently, it was a girl, an older student from the same school who was the driver of the car. This news struck me deep within. As a mother, I know this is something unfathomable. I knew the mother of the boy ran to him and tried unceasingly to revive him, was hoping that he would not stop breathing, was praying for her boy to survive. But her efforts did not succeed and so the efforts of the medical team. Her boy, who only enjoyed life for 8 years is gone. I really felt the pain and even though I do not know her, I prayed for her. As I am writing this, I again burst into tears and prayed once again for GOD to comfort her, for the LORD to carry her in HIS arms as she goes through the most difficult time in her life. I also pray for the mother of the the girl who unintentionally became the cause of the untimely death of the boy. I know she is in deep agony too. I also feel for her and pray that she will have enough strength to help her daughter face and accept the tragedy and eventually forgive herself. I pray for these two mothers who are in great sorrow and lastly I pray for my own son for him to be free from danger all the time.

I am praying for God to allow me to hug him more, to feel the warmth of my embrace

to be able to kiss him more, for me and my husband to show how much we love him.

I pray to God to let me walk beside him, support and guide him as he grows and experience LIFE.

Element of Surprise


It’s Valentine’s day again and if you have read my blog entitled ” Affairs of the Heart Really Matter” then you know by now that my husband is the more romantic one, who never fails to give me something on Heart’s day.  So I really knew, I would be getting something.  But you know what, he caught me in surprise again last night since this time, he did not wait for Feb. 14, he was one of the early birds who went to the flower shop and got me long stem roses and chocolates in a white box with ribbon and gave it to me ( he even asked my son to go with him in picking me up from work ) as soon as I opened the door of the car.

I took this photo when we arrived home

there were also chocolates inside

and of course, the long stem red roses!!

The element of surprise is always around, romance lingers, love continues.. LOVE WHICH LASTS!!

Affairs of the heart really matter


Valentine’s day is coming soon and I can’t help but to be excited since Heart’s day means getting a present from my husband. We’ve been married for 14 years now and every single year, he always have something for me on February 14. Last year, I received a dozen of red roses specially delivered to our home. My Pandora necklace was also a gift from him during Valentine’s day and so is my Guess watch. I can’t enumerate all of them anymore but one thing for sure, I’m always pampered every year. Maybe at this point, you will wonder, how about me, being the woman who is known to be more “emotional” than men ( since they are noted for being “rational”), do I always give something special or at least do something special
for him on Valentine’s day? Well, to answer your curious mind, I would like to start by reminding you that for “every rule, there is an exemption”. So now, you can read between the lines..I have not been romantic for the past 14 years on Valentine’s day. Maybe, teasing from peers when you wear something ‘red” on February 14 and make it really a big day had an effect on me. Something always cease me from being romantic on this particular day. But this year, I want to change for the better..I want to be explore the emotional and side of me. So I thought of creating a romantic mood in our very own home.

I started browsing from the internet regarding Valentine’s decor at home and I got some great ideas from bloggers who decorate for this occasion. But I said to myself, I want to have the sense of originality and creativity as well as I create a romantic mood. This was the first thing I did:

I printed out a bird template from the computer ( you can download this for free ). However, there were no wings so I drew its wings and later cut it out and glued it.

As you can see here, I glued the bird template into a red construction paper ( spare from my son’s art class when he was still in the Primary ). I actually made two birds which signify me and my hubby

Then I decided to place it on white paper plates which I got from my kitchen cupboard and the stands are from my display in the bathroom

I also cut out letters using letter template from the computer. I again used the same red construction paper but this time, I used pink color for the background. The photo frames are form the hot dollar shop which only cost $1.50 each

I bought a new display as well which is a favorite word of mine since I’ve known my man..laugh! Yes, my hubby has brought laughter to my days. I am the more serious and structured one, while he is the easy going and free-spirited. So, opposite poles really attract!!

Another decor I got was this..LIVE! We live our dreams together and I know we are bound to laugh and love as long as we live!!

I also made sure that our photo is present in my decor, because it is a celebration of our love and life together as a couple. I’ve retained two of my duck decor which symbolize again myself and my partner in life

There you go folks, this is my Valentine decor 2012. The words, the photo, and the symbols in this Valentine decor have revealed one thing, that AFFAIRS OF THE HEART REALLY MATTER TO ME.

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Loving and letting go


My 73 year old fragile looking uncle was shot dead on the head on the 25th of July, 2011.  It was my sister who told me about the heartbreaking news.  It was not a natural death, but his life was taken in such a cruel way.  I felt so much pain and I cried my heart out.

Each day after his killing, I still cry as I recall what a generous man he was for me, my siblings and my cousins.  He lived with a kind and big heart for everyone, he was someone who would give, and not just give but gives so much.  I am aware that my baby pictures were taken by him and that we would ride a tricycle in order for him to put me to sleep .  I remember every summer vacation, he would take me and my cousins to the movies and to parks.  He would always organize swimming parties for his beloved daughter for us to enjoy as well.  Our joy was his heart’s delight.

  I regret for not giving him so much in return although in my heart he was so close to me.  Now that he is gone, I felt like turning back the hands of time.  So I can   chat with him endlessly and tell him how grateful I was for his generosity and kindness.  If I can only go back in time, even just 3 weeks back.  When I last saw him during our holidays and should have I known that was our last meeting I could have hold his hand longer and hugged him tighter.  But I can’t do this anymore, he’s gone.  Many people say he’s in a better place now and that we have to move on and not be sad anymore.  But when you love someone so deeply, the pain is so great as well when they leave.  Can I let go of the pain quickly and smile again?  Can I recall those good memories in the past and not cry that I can’t do more memories with him in the future?  The answer is NO.  I can’t let go of the pain and it may even remain because I am not letting go of my love for him inspite of the hurt I feel inside.  I will still cry because I can’t create anymore meaningful memories with him.  For me letting go is to let go of your emotions. not to deny your sadness and your grief.  To my uncle, I would always remember you and I would not mind to cry and be sad because you have made me happy, smile and laugh when you were here.  Until I meet you again.