Why did I name my blog, LittlePrince68?   Little Prince By Antoine de Saint-Exupery has been my favorite book since I was in High School.  During my teen years, I was able to relate with the book and after all these years, I still can perfectly see myself in the many characters in the book, especially with the main character, the Little Prince . After all this book is about life and human nature.  In this book, the Little Prince from another planet met a fox here on earth which he has tamed.  The story’s essence is actually contained in the lines spoken by the fox to the Little Prince: “One sees clearly only with the heart, what is essential is invisible to the eye”.  For me this is so true, it’s not the material things in this world can ever give me joy and peace.  It is the love the I have in my heart for my family and friends that gives meaning to my life.   Likewise, in this book, the author talked about the rose of the Little Prince in his planet, the rose that he has watered, the rose that he has placed under the glass globe, the rose that is the reason why he has killed some caterpillars.  This rose is different because it is his rose.  I see again myself here because the people close to my heart are different from the rest because they are the people that I truly love and care for with all my might.  They are beautiful and definitely not empty because I will do things for them whatever it takes.  In return, I become their rose as well. I feel that I am unique to them because they are willing to waste time for me, and that what makes me so important.

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  1. This sounds like a great book! How did you come across this in high school? Was it a reading list?

  2. Your blog caught my eye because The Little Prince is my favorite book in the world (I have a tattoo on my back to prove it).I don’t even know how many times I’ve read it, it was the very first book I read, and ever since I always seem to find something profound to think about whenever I read it again. Anyways, nice blog! I’ll be reading you 🙂

    • It took me ages to reply, it’s because I thought I already did. But as they say, it’s better late than never. It’s nice to know that Little Prince is your favorite book too. Thanks for following. Hope you are still enjoying my blog.

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