I did BOUNCE back


Two weeks ago, I had a scary weekend in the hospital.  It did start on the evening of  April 27.  My hubby  and I with our son were joking around, tickling each other when suddenly I felt like a tight “squeeze” at the middle of my chest.  At first my son and hubby thought I was just pretending since I did want to be tickled anymore.  But I told them I was serious and so they asked me to lie on the couch.  My son started massaging my chest and my hubby gave a glass of water.  After a minute maybe, the tight squeeze was gone but I still felt heaviness on my chest.  At the same time, I felt gassy as well and kept on burping.  I thought, it could be a simple “heart burn”.  After half an hour we went to sleep.  The following day, I woke at around 6:30 since my husband was doing overtime that day and I felt that the heaviness of my chest was still there.  I did not tell him since he will be working but I knew I have to observe myself carefully.  At around 9:00 am, I started to have back pains.  My condition became alarming for me because I thought that “heart attack” can give you pains at the back, shoulder or even jaw.  I rang my local doctor and she told me to go straight away to the hospital.  I decided not to drive but did not call triple 000 for emergency.  I decided to take the bus to go to the nearest hospital and my scary weekend commenced in the Emergency department.

I was placed on high priority due to my chest and back pains.  The emergency doctor interviewed me and took bloods from me.  He said to me that he was pretty sure it was only “hyperacidity” .  So I patiently waited in the emergency room for the blood test result.  Then, the nursing handover began.  I heard one of the nurses, telling the other nurses who are starting their shift that ” it was suspected as non-cardio one however, the “trop” came back high”.  Having a Science background ( Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology), I knew that “trop” is actually “Troponin” which elevates when there is damage in the heart muscle like in “Myocardial Infarction” or ‘heart attack” and with my symptoms, I thought “this is heart attack”.  I really panicked and so everything went up, my blood pressure, my heart rate, everything.  I was so scared for my life, I thought of my family, everyone who are dear to me.  Nurses then performed ECG again, gave a “vasodilator” medicine and “asprin”.  Then the doctor said that I need to be admitted in the “Coronary Care Unit”.  I rang my husband and told him that the doctors wanted to keep me for more tests.  I did not tell him yet about the alleged “heart attack”.  I did not want him to worry that much because he will be driving and I did not know how can he handle a very shocking news which involves myself.   I also rang my brother in the Philippines who is a doctor to inform him of what was happening with me and in spite of the distance I felt his concern and love to me.  We both decided not to tell my parents yet since they  both have  “hypertension”. When my husband arrived, I broke the news to him.  I looked at him and I witnessed how he tried to put a “brave face” in front of me but his eyes turned red but without tears.  He also did not speak for several minutes and I did not have any clue where his mind went.  All I knew was he was shocked, he was worried and he felt an “emotional pain” which he tried to hide from me.

My husband stayed with me until the visiting hours was over.  My sister-in-law was the one who was with my son in our home.  We told him the shocking news in the evening but reassured him that everything will be alright.  He wanted to see me but I told him to work on his homework that night and then he can be with me the whole day of Sunday.  I was given more medicine to make my blood thinner, they performed ECG as well at 2:00 in the morning since I was still complaining of chest heaviness  in spite of all the medicine.  A doctor assessed me at 3:00 in the morning and decided to put me on “heparin infusion” ( heparin also makes your blood thinner).  I called on to God that night for Him to be with me, for Him not to leave me.

On Sunday, the 28th of April, I was feeling alright and everyone thought I was responding to all the medicine given to people who had heart attack.  My son came early in the morning with my husband and my close friends and sister-in-law came in the afternoon. I felt blessed to have a family and friends who care for me genuinely.  My brother and sister in the Philippines were also in touch with me all throughout my ordeal.

Then on my third day in the hospital, I underwent several tests to find out how can they can manage my condition.  One test was “angiogram” to know if there is any blockage in my arteries and if there were, then they will try to fix them there and then.  I also had heart ultrasound and lung scan.  That afternoon, all the test came back and they were all negative.  It was not heart attack after all.  So what was it?  The doctor said “it’s still a mystery” and we need to investigate further. Although my question on that day was not answered, I was rejoicing and was thanking my God.  My prayer, our prayers were answered.

On my fourth day in the hospital, I went for a “heart MRI”.  This is where they found the answer, and the result from this test became their basis for the final diagnosis.  It was “myocarditis”, this is an inflammation of the heart muscle usually caused by a virus which we will never know now what virus went to my heart.  It is because to know the cause, one should have a “heart biopsy” which is not done when the case has resolved anyway and  because of the invasive nature of the said test.  There was still something strange though why I had “myocarditis” since I did not have any recent infection, not even colds.  But anyway, the most important thing happened, it did resolve on its own and I got well.

I was discharged that same afternoon and of course, my husband and son were the happiest creatures on earth.  I felt all the more their overflowing love for me.

Two weeks have passed and now I can say, I did bounce back..I know I have to because there are many people who love me and I love them too and I still want to share so many things with them.

concord hosp

Worries overpowered by love

me in the hosp with my son

Allow me to thank God unceasingly for allowing me to bounce back!!!

Happy Mother’s day

God bless,


Photo Gallery and its Meaning


I can never be consistent showing you what I’ve been pinning in Pinterest so I will never promise to do it on a regular basis, but surely, you’ll get to see some of my pins like these:

Pics above couch


I love the huge pictures above the couch.  It speaks of the magnificent maternal and paternal love to her/his child or children.  It’s amazing that “from the abundance of the heart, the decoration speaks”..

Absolutely love this!   "to hear laughter of a child, to wake up next to the love of your life, to know that god has placed them on earth for you... you are blessed.


The above picture is another favorite of mine lately since photos and words made a perfect reminder to every parent, a reminder that we are so blessed being entrusted with a child or with children.

Photo wall, i love this!


I adore this photo gallery too with the word family and a big letter monogram.  The word “family” is just perfect  since it is the family which makes a house a home.  The family who shares  their joy and pain, their loss and triumph, a family who just share themselves to each other.

Picture Wall... love


Finally, allow me to show you another great picture gallery.  The wall reveals life’s events and occasions which definitely depict that life is really beautiful and should be well celebrated with family and friends.

God bless,


Bookshelf and Powder Room Redecorated


Everywhere we go, there are always revisions and updates such as revisions of policies in our workplace or simply updates in our iphone applications. In our home, we need to redecorate and update as well.  It does not mean though that we have to buy a new furniture or really make a huge project like painting the whole house or removing the carpet in the bedrooms.  For me, simply adding few items or  a single piece of item can make a big difference.  Let us look at thesepowder rm

powder rm redoObviously, you can see at a glance  the basket that I have added to hold more stuff.  Then there are small items that I’ve added as well to definitely eliminate the dullness of the shelves in our powder room.  Can you spot on them?

Here’s another one with a simple change due to the additional of one single item:

my own bookstyle

bookshelf upgradedI have added in our bookshelf an indoor/outdoor lantern which I bought from Dusk for only $10.00.

The process of transformation can be quite simple,  yet we can be sure of a better effect.  Do you agree?

God Bless,


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Under Your Bathroom Sink Part 2


I have made a post not so long ago entitled “Under your Bathroom Sink”.  To my surprise, I got very good comments, they thought that our bathroom sink was pretty organized ( although for me it was not pretty at all ).  I had also a  comment from Russel Ray Photos a professional home inspector  who is one of my followers.  He made an advise that dry stuff like towels, bathroom and the like should be stored under the bathroom sink to make it easy for us to know if there’s a leakage somewhere.  Likewise he mentioned to me that chemicals kept in the bathroom sink might eat away the plumbing and the underside of the sink.   Well, since he is a professional home inspector, he has all the knowledge about these things and I know I should take his comments on board.  However, I had some problems.  The space under our bathroom sink is quite small for me to store towels and toilet paper.  But having in mind that chemicals should be stored away, I thought of a solution.  bread

I thought that the enamel bread tin which of course always keeps moisture away can do the trick.  But of course I need to change the label.  Now I turned on to my chalkboard paint:

chalkboard paint

I love these chalkboard paint which I have used in many projects of mine.

DIY CB project

Now I can say that chalkboard paint works so well with enamel tins.  It only took me few seconds to apply it and the dried so quickly as well.

medsNow I have an entirely new label.  I have placed inside most of the liquid medicine hoping that chemicals will not eat away the plumbing under our sink ( well, this is just a guess, I have to wait for the comment of a professional again).

labeled medsI have used another enamel tin here which is labeled sink so I did not have to change it.  I just made sure that all of us in our household will find it easy to look for what we need by sorting out the other medicine.  I have divided it into three categories, for allergies, for swelling and for colds and flu.  I also put the cream and ointments here which I should have labeled 4.  Anyway, I will get it done after  this post.

bathroom sink reorgSo here is our updated “under the bathroom sink organization”.  So for those of you who have seen my previous “under the bathroom sin organization”, do you like the improvement?  I would surely love to hear your comments and I will take it on board, for sure.

God bless,


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Simple Monthly Organization


I believe that home organization means taking in control of your home and even yourself.  When we are organized, we can finish the unending tasks in our home.  But of course, getting organized is not too easy.  It needs planning and action.  But the in- between is what I find it difficult.  You need to find out if the system in place is working.  If you’re lucky enough then, you can continue with the current system.  But if not, then the need to modify or revise the system is essential.

I have done several paper organization in the past but it’s my first time to have a monthly folder organizer.  I am trying this and so far it’s working especially to cope with many school notes to be read and signed.  Let me show you what I have done lately:

littleprince orgThis is my folder which I have labeled “Monthly Organizer Little Prince 68 “. Inside, I have placed A4 extra heavy protector sheets which I have divided by using Manilla dividers.  Of course, each division is labeled

to do

The first thing that you’ll see in my folder is my “to do” stuff.  For example, after I received the tax invoice from the new violin teacher of my son, I did put it here to remind me to do it within that week.  It’s something important to be done after several days but not pretty urgent.

utilitiesThe second division of my monthly organizer folder is for our “utilities”.  I have to admit we are not yet totally paperless.  There are many bills directly debited from our account but not our mobile phone nor our home phone.  Me and my husband just want to review it and make sure we are billed correctly.  But you see, we are getting there.

school orgThe third division is devoted for “school” stuff.  Like recently, information was sent for the music camp in March.  I read it put it here since I know I need to review the information again  like “what to bring” just before he goes camping.

Then finally, when the month is over or if I do not need the paper to stay in my folder ( after I’ve paid private music lesson for my son ), I transfer it to our filing cabinet where things are sorted out as well through labels.

file org 2

There you go, my paper organization system.  It’s currently working fine but of course,I can’t say that this is a  permanent system since organization involves modification and revision as the need arises.  The beauty of organization is that it gives you the opportunity to assess and reevaluate for the better.

God bless,


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Mismatched or Compatible?


Compatibility is a word which contributes to a lasting relationship.  When two persons are compatible, then we can say that they are making of a good couple.  But I’ve seen many couples who are exactly the opposite but they can manage to keep a healthy and exciting relationships.  Surely these couples know how to compromise and perfectly know how to accept each other.

When it comes to design, it does not necessarily need to be perfect, does not need to be symmetrical and can even be mismatched.  Let us take a look at these:

Pinned Image

Source ( Mismatched chairs in this cottage style looks very pretty for me

mix your home decor

Source ( mixture of color in the bookshelf makes it so exciting )

mismatched placemats

Source ( mismatched place mats  which still created a very colorful and beautiful tablescape )

Now we can say that in relationships and design, mismatched can still produce harmony and beauty that can be appreciated to the fullest.

God bless,


Valentine’s day


It’s love month once again and by next week, we will celebrate Valentine’s day.  So, last weekend, while my husband went to do some overtime ( maybe for another gift for me..haha, my guy never fails me anyway ), I decorated for Valentine’s day:

V decorYou can see here our photos when we were still small

nova childI love this picture of mine carrying a handbag which shows that an early age my love for style

lorenzo childThis is a picture of my husband who’s always fascinated with airplanes.

I thought of the time when these photos were taken, when we were so innocent and carefree.  What we knew then was the love from our parents and other family members.  During that time, we never thought that someone would love us unconditionally and that we can spend a lifetime with someone who we never knew before, who we never met earlier in our lives.  But that is the making of a  love story, story of how two people met, how they fell in love  and how they keep the love forever.

love decorWhen we keep the love forever, then we are sure of this:

ever after

valentine's collage

So, let me greet you Happy Valentine’s day..from the bottom of my heart!

God bless,


Australia day, what does it mean to us?


Australia day is celebrated every 26th of January.  It commemorates the arrival of the First Fleet from Great Britain in Port Jackson which is now part of Sydney.  During Australia day Australians celebrate their country and culture.  So being Australian citizens we do celebrate it every year, we take pride in the accomplishments of Australia as a country and most importantly, we take pride that this nation is multicultural and that it has embraced many cultures which include our own, the Filipino culture.  Today, I would like to show you how we celebrated Australia day 2013.

Photo: Our simple table centrepiece today..Happy Australia day!!!

I’ve made a simple table centerpiece consist of Australian flags to show how grateful we are to this country in our own simple way.

Me and my son at the Hunter

Then we drove up north of Sydney, made our short escape to the Hunter Valley.  We visited the largest garden display in Australia, the Hunter Valley Garden wearing Australian shirts.

Nova at HVGDuring Australia day, we thank Australia for making us its own without taking away from us our own culture, our own identity.  We thank Australia for allowing us to enjoy its beauty and share it with the rest of the world.

God bless,


How to Decorate a Bookshelf


I have shown you what is under our bathroom sink recently and because of your lovely and inspiring comments, I would surely come up with an idea how to make it prettier and more pleasing to the eyes.  While, thinking how to update what is under our bathroom sink let me reveal to you our newly bought bookshelf which I have decorated

my own bookstyleDo you like what you see?  Hopefully you do since I was so pleased with the outcome.  So how did I do it? Firstly, before we bought the bookshelf, I had already in mind what I wanted to place.   I thought of the souvenirs from the Philippines which I recently bought.  Let me show them to you

tricycleTricycles ( A motorcyle used as a “taxi” ) a means of transportation in the Philippines

jeepJeepney, common means of public transportation in the Philippines.  Originally made from US military jeeps left after world war II. Very popular because of its flamboyant decoration

sorbetesSorbetes cart, “sorbetes” known as ice cream to Filipinos are placed in this wooden cart and the a vendor pushes this cart and sells ice cream throughout the day.

home in bookshelf

Of course, photo of me, my hubby and my son ( This is one of our latest picture taken on Christmas day in a studio).  I put it beside the words welcome HOME since we are a family who welcomes love and friendship in our household.

siblings n parentsThere is also a photo of me with my parents and siblings.  Since even they are not physically here with us, they mean a lot to us.

our bookshelfSecondly, I did  NOT go for symmetry but I tried to create balance.  I did not  put all the picture frames together nor the similar objects beside each other.  I did scatter them and made sure too that the objects are of different heights to give emphasis to every single item.

Thirdly, I thought of the color scheme.  I decided to have a mixture of gold, cream and green and I was glad with the result.  I think soft color like cream or white with a bit of bold color can really make any decoration interesting since it breaks the color monotony.

Lastly, I made sure that the main purpose why we bought this  bookshelf is not defeated ( not really to organize books because this is in the entryway ).  Our objective is to hide the shoes we wear everyday.  So the last shelf is made for this purpose.

sideview of bookshelf

bookshelf side

my bookshelf

There you go folks, I guess I just made another focal point in our house with a very simple goal, to hide our everyday shoes.  This is quite good indeed, do you agree?

God bless,


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