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Easter mantel during Fall or Fall mantel for Easter..it’s up to YOU


Come 1st of March and it’s officially fall here in Australia and more than a month, we are celebrating Easter.  So the challenge was on to come up with a mantel and combine a great occasion for the autumn season.  Firstly, I did contemplate if I can include my usual  decor such as these:

 I decided to retain these usual decor of mine and just add other stuff that are appropriate for the season and the occasion.  I thought that I should not get rid of the water feature since water is symbolic of life since all living creatures need water. For Christians, water symbolizes purification to receive a new life such as in baptism.  Hence, a water feature for Easter is appropriate.  Then, my duck and duckling decor..are they out of place or not?  Ducks are known to be resourceful, adaptable to changes in the environment and can be a sign of fidelity.  So I said to myself, I am not changing the spot of my favorite decor because Easter is about the fidelity of our Redeemer to us ( Ducks are my fave because I was a country kid, my first 6 years of life was spent in the country with my grandparents, aunties and uncles. Feeding ducks in the afternoon and observing them in ponds were usual scenes for me ).  Likewise, these ducks also lay eggs which are the most popular symbol of Easter nowadays.  So, just like ducks I tried to be resourceful, I thought of the stuff that I have in the house which can be included.  Then I remember this cross which is on my dresser inside the masters bedroom.

The words are just perfect to remind us about the significance of Easter. Then I thought of the things I need to add, to give more meaning for my Easter mantel during fall.  I have decided to include the popular symbol..eggs.  But of course, I just can’t pick up from the shop the usual colorful Easter eggs since I am trying to emphasize the autumn season here as well.  What I did was to buy two egg foams from the craft store close to our place and covered it with music sheets which I downloaded from the computer for free.  This is how it appeared after I’ve placed it on top of some shredded paper.

After doing these, I’ve also placed the excess music sheet background in a distressed picture frame which I bought from the dollar shop and put in some scrabble magnets ( these are decor from our fridge ).  Definitely, I came up with two good words..Fall and Life!

Then I grouped them together, the frame, the eggs and the cross

I’ve also placed my newly found antique piece which I only bought 2 days ago at the Blue Mountains ( 1.5 hr. drive from Sydney ) when we went for a drive to Jenolan caves. I thought of including this because this piece contains so much stories, stories about people and their lives before and so today, I feel blessed to at least own a piece such as this for the continuation of its story.

Then, I thought of my priorities, what I value in life.  So when I saw these from the shop, I knew i should get them and surely they should be part of my mantel

There are so much to thank for ( millions and millions of blessings ), but since I value my family and friends and the virtue of love, I know it’s but proper for me to stress these things through my mantel.  I want to remind them too that for me they are precious and priceless and they make my life worth living.  So this fall, I pray that together, we may harvest the many fruits of the Holy Spirit such as  joy and peace.  This Easter as well, I pray that we all grow in God’s love and enjoy the beauty of new life He has given us.

With enthusiasm, I am presenting my Easter mantel during fall 2012:

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