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Back to Pinterest Revelation


I took a break from my Pinterest revelation since we went to the Philippines for a 3 week vacation and of course to spend Christmas with our family there.  Now, I’m almost back to my routine, except that I’m still off from work  and will be back on the 7th of this month.  However,  I’m back waking up at 6:15 to prepare breakfast for my hubby ( before he goes to work) , back to cleaning and organizing our home, back to right hand driving and of course, back to pinning in Pinterest.  So let me share what I’ve been pinning since the start of 2013.

LOVE in yellow


The big letters which spells the powerful word LOVE can’t be ignored in this master’s bedroom and is a great reminder to couples to stay in love at all times.

Love the letters on the shelf.


I do admire the homemaker who used the word CALM as a decoration in the living room since at one point in our lives, no matter how patient we are we become so busy and we rush things and we forget to slow down.  The word CALM will remind our very souls to take it slow, breathe and live life the right way.

House Rules


I fell for these house rules written on a chalkboard.  These are the things that we try to teach each other, not just us parents teaching our son but our son teaching life lessons as well to us indirectly.

Gallery Wall - on a skinny wall


The gallery wall caught my eyes because the blogger who did this project fill her home with things that make her happy, make her smile  and make her remember her blessings.  Since I am a mother as well I can relate to this wall art perfectly.  For me, photos of my son since birth, those special occasions like Christening and first birthday and others are priceless and precious. By the way, the word art est. 1999 was perfect for me too since motherhood for me began in 1999.

So, that’s all for today.  Until next time.

God bless,


From my heart to yours


My 12 year old son who just started Year 8 last week set a goal for himself, that is to DO BETTER this year.  So came the first day of school and there was the excitement to begin with his plans, improved organization and developed time management.  Just when everything was planned, the unexpected came.  He got sick on the third day and the viral bug stayed for 2.5 days.  Hence, he was away for two days on the first week of school.  So he began to worry, thinking that he had missed several lessons that he does not only need to keep up but he needs to CATCH up a lot!

As his mother who cares so much, I know he is starting to be a bit anxious, and his stress level is starting to rise up.  This morning before he went off to school, I wished him good luck and of course, in my heart I prayed for him to be well and safe in school.  When he comes back from school I will be at work and so I can’t be there to witness how he will manage the “catching up” in the afternoon.  I thought of giving him a message, something that is so visual that he does not to read it from his phone, something that will remind him while he’s doing his tasks on his study table.  So, I printed a downloadable and printable “keep calm” message and put it in an old picture frame and then put it on his desk.  I know deep within, I can’t remove his worries nor reduce his anxieties.  He needs to do it himself, he must be able to handle pressures and exercise his coping mechanisms.  I am here only to remind, to support, to encourage and to  guide.  He is the one who can make himself CALM and CARRY ON!!