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Winter mantel


Few more days and autumn here in Australia is over.  The first of June marks the official winter season down here.  So today, I’ve decided to put up our winter mantel.  First I thought of the gift I have received recently from my aunt from the Philippines.  It’s an oil lamp which we call it there as “storm lamp” ( ilaw bagyo  ).  It is used during the olden days during storm and electricity is cut off.  This brings back memories from my childhood, brings back memories of the town ( province ) in the Philippines where I grew up.

What came with this lamp from the Philippines is the love and concern of my precious aunt.  Then, I put the fabric flowers which  traveled all the way from the United States down here in Australia.  I was chosen to be the recipient of these lovely flowers by Beth from chicenvelopements.

What comes with these creation is the creativity and appreciation of a another blogger from the other part of the world.

Then I also added my own chalkboard paint project ( picture frames I used for my son’s birthday party ).  This time, I have written these:

For me it the love that you share that will keep you warm this winter, more than the electric blanket that you use, more than the gas heater that your house has.  Love is the best shield in the coming chilly days of winter.

So here it is, my simple winter mantel:

Keep warm and continue loving!!

God bless,


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A BIG Thank You


I feel so blessed because one of my followers, Beth from Chic Envelopements ( I’m a follower of hers as well because I want to journey with her as she joined the refashion wagon and I want to witness her creative creations ) chose me to be the recipient of her giveaway, fabric flowers, one her own DIY projects.  She announced it last April 9 on her post “and the winner of the fabric flower is…”

Last April 4,  she asked her followers to leave a comment on how we found her and what can she do to make our visits worthwhile.  She also announced that she’ll pick a winner to receive her giveaway as a way of her gratitude for the support and encouragement she has been receiving.  After I read the post, I left a comment straight away not only for the giveaway but because I would like her to know as well how I found her and why I am following her.  Actually, I found her blog after she followed me, then when I visited her site, the first thing that I read was the rustic chic wedding of her gorgeous daughter and my heart was captured after that.  The wedding is just beautiful and more importantly, I felt that she is a loving mother, a mother who shared one of the most meaningful life events of her daughter.  For me, that is so essential so I followed her and will always be.

Since that time, we’ve been encouraging each other through our simple yet straight from the heart comments.  So, once again, a BIG thank you to Beth from Chic Envelopments.  Greetings from the world down under…Australia!!  Cheers mate.