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Photo Gallery and its Meaning


I can never be consistent showing you what I’ve been pinning in Pinterest so I will never promise to do it on a regular basis, but surely, you’ll get to see some of my pins like these:

Pics above couch


I love the huge pictures above the couch.  It speaks of the magnificent maternal and paternal love to her/his child or children.  It’s amazing that “from the abundance of the heart, the decoration speaks”..

Absolutely love this!   "to hear laughter of a child, to wake up next to the love of your life, to know that god has placed them on earth for you... you are blessed.


The above picture is another favorite of mine lately since photos and words made a perfect reminder to every parent, a reminder that we are so blessed being entrusted with a child or with children.

Photo wall, i love this!


I adore this photo gallery too with the word family and a big letter monogram.  The word “family” is just perfect  since it is the family which makes a house a home.  The family who shares  their joy and pain, their loss and triumph, a family who just share themselves to each other.

Picture Wall... love


Finally, allow me to show you another great picture gallery.  The wall reveals life’s events and occasions which definitely depict that life is really beautiful and should be well celebrated with family and friends.

God bless,






I’ve been busy lately since I’m now working full-time that is why I have not been posting lately.  I’ve been reading the blogs which I follow on my phone while I’m in the bus or before going to sleep.  So I was not expecting to have more followers and to receive some awards.  But today, I’ve been blessed to have 3 more followers and I’ve been awarded two awards by Yashikibuta of the Thriving pessimist.  Yashikibuta was also the one who gave me my very first awards as a blogger, “very inspiring blogger” award and “one lovely award”, that is why I would like to thank her for being so generous and I know she’s not only generous in giving awards for bloggers but she really has a giving and generous heart.  She is based in Canada and has a good life but she never forgets her family in the Philippines and she wants to share whatever she has.

Since she has given me these “versatile award”, I will try to be multifaceted, to be an all-around writer/blogger.  I know I’m inspired to decorate and try to do some DIY projects and I came to realize I need to write more too about my thoughts on varied topics, to write more about my feelings on different situations, to write more about how to tackle hindrances on personal growth..to write more about life.  Likewise, since I got the “sunshine award” I need to make sure that every person who reads my blog can appreciate a “ray of sunshine even in the midst of rain”.

Wow, in spite of being busy, I am inspired AGAIN!!

Next time, I will nominate bloggers to receive these awards as well.

God bless,


Your Home


What does home mean to you?  Do you equate it with your mortgage?  Something that is affected by the interest rate and something that makes you work harder up to the extent that work becomes your priority?  If it does, then think again.  Home is where  your inner self  should be able to dwell and rest, it’s where true  happiness reigns.  Home as they say is “where the heart is”.

Home is where your family bond together to the fullest.  It is where you speak about your daily struggles with the people who are dear to you.  It is where you build your dreams and aspirations.  it is where your story begins.

It is the same home that you share with your friends, a home where you hold birthday parties, a home where you gather even without special occasion, just special people. It’s the place where you create beautiful and significant memories which can never be forgotten, memories which are cherished forever.

Home is always unique, it has its own identity.  It may not be perfect, it may not be your “dream house” but it should be always your ideal home.  We may move and look for a “better house” but we have to be happy with our home for now.  It may have its inadequacies and imperfections but it’s always something that you can make beautiful

this is me and my hubby


I’m so happy that we as a family abide by this principle..making a place beautiful and we are so blessed that others help us to  make it more beautiful because of their visits in times of happiness and sadness.  Home is where you shed tears but at the same time it’s a place where there is endless laughter because it’s home where your life is unfolded, it is where you learn and grow.

Your home is your life…filled with significant stories which make you stronger, filled with meaningful memories that you keep throughout your lifetime.  So now would you agree if I say that your home is worth more than a million?  Actually, it’s priceless because you who resides in it is priceless!!  Love your home

God bless,


My Pinterest is a reflection of myself


I am thrilled that many people follow me on Pinterest especially on a particular board which is “inspiration/ style for the home”.  Well, Pinterest is an  on- line board and I just pin all the things I  love and all that inspire me.  So although most of the things that I pin are not my own, they still reflect my style, my passion, my dream..in other words it’s a reflection of myself.  It tells something that is within me, what I value.   Today I’ve decided to show you what I have there that have been repinned by many followers of mine.  Let’s start with a very lovely front porch

From: Imparting grace

For me this porch is so relaxing where you can have a cup of tea.  I believe it’s a porch for all seasons.  It is great for summer and if you add an outdoor heater it will be very good even during winter.  I love the chalkboard frame hanging where you can write ” welcome”.  I would love to write too, “JOY dwells here”  or “PEACE resides on this abode” and you can just change the colors of the cushion depending on the occasion.  This porch I believe is just so flexible.

From:  My blessed life

A very simple back porch where you can unwind after a very busy week.  This porch gives me an idea that an indoor furniture can be put outside and can really be very functional

From: Flea Market trixie

I love the idea that window shutters are used here as the wall design. It goes very well with the rattan furniture.  I love the blue floors too which creates a cool and peaceful mood.  This area can be fabulous during weekends where you can entertain extended family or friends for an afternoon tea.

love the arrangement

From: bhg

This back patio can be used for family lunches and  barbeques.  I love the vintage dining table, chairs and benches here.  This back patio is just right after the kitchen so even that the freshly cooked food can be enjoyed straight away.

Then let’s go to some entry way which for me should always be welcoming, not crowded yet useful where you can leave your shoes or coat in case they are wet to keep the house clean.  These are some that I adore:

cozy entryway

From: Pottery Barn

In this entry way, you can even sit down while removing your boots.  My heart also goes for the Bolton lantern, it’s just so lovely and would surely welcome every guest even during the night.

From:  The Rambling Renovators

This entry way has spot for umbrellas ensuring that every person who walks in does not need to look any further where to put it or if you are leaving the house and it’s raining, this would always be handy.  Then there are the lanterns again which look so pretty and chairs again just in case you need to sit down when taking off your shoes.  The furniture in these two entry way are very useful because for the owners, they can hide their house and car keys here as soon as they enter to avoid misplacing them.

How about some the walls of the house:  I’ve made a post before wherein I have mentioned that walls should always attract and attack. Yes, it should attract they eyes and attack  the heart and even the soul.  Look at these walls that captivated me:

From: Cottage Instincts

This wall had old windows which are used as picture frames.  The word family is  there which says something a lot about the homemaker, that she values family so much.  This picture frames are actually on the dining hall to ensure that every time they gather to eat, it reminds them that they have to stick together since they are one family.


From: Young house love

This wall has a variety of stuff, but the word GO captured my attention since it reminds every member of the family to choose the “right way to go”.. like “GO for your dreams” or “Go and do NOT give up”.  I find this wall just amazing and meaningful.


This is my very own creation.  My husband put a shelf on our blank wall and I placed the letters of our names ( Lorenzo, Nova and Joseph ).  I am so happy with the outcome because it tells that these are the people who reside in this dwelling house which make it a home where we dream, pray, laugh and love together.

Definitely, I will have part 2 of this post.  Stand by

God bless,


My son’s 13th birthday ( Part 1 )


My son’s 13th birthday started with an action and fun-filled activities in M9 laser skirmish

Joseph with his friends from school

My son with my brother and his cousins who are visiting from the Philippines.  Their presence is what my son values the most during his 13th birthday celebration since we can’t celebrate every important occasion with these significant people in our lives.

My awesome niece and nephew and my one and only brother with some guests enjoying the arcade games

The birthday boy with his ice cream cake ( part of the package of M9 laser skirmish birthday party )

His party did not end here, the celebration continued in our place.  The birthday boy was really so thrilled, with family and friends with him, and being able to have ultimate fun.  Next time, I will be posting his birthday celebration in our home.

God bless everyone!


Inspirations for my son’s 13th birthday


My son is turning 13 on the 3rd of May but we decided to throw a party for him on the 25th of April ( public holiday here in Australia )since my brother and his family from the Philippines will be here with us during that time.  He will have a laser tag party with his friends from school and then dinner birthday party in our place for our family friends.  So, I’m now beginning to plan for the party. I’m browsing party ideas from Pinterest, in fact, I’ve made my own board for this endeavor.  Now I just need to decide which ones from my pins will I actually do it.  I’m thinking if I can have something similar to this since I still have chalk paint which I used for my Easter centerpiece.  Of course, I just need to replace the number with thirteen.

chalkboard as background


I’m also thinking of photo timeline ( from birth til present )like this:


Source: http://www.52mantels.com/2012/02/tweet-bird-themed-first-birthday-party.html

I think photo booth such as this will be great and will offer so much fun for everyone.

photo booth for one's birthday

Source: http://bdesign009.blogspot.com.au/2011/04/diy-photo-booth.html

Well, I have a couple of days to actually make these fabulous ideas into reality.  Hope I can post very soon something I’m working on or better still something I have created and ready to go.

Easter centerpiece


Leanne from Organize and Decorate everything together with three other creative ladies thought of a challenge for people who loves pinning in Pinterest.  The challenge is to select from your pinned projects, make it happen, write a blog about it and share your point of view in their link party.  I thought this is amazing since I’ve been drawing so much inspiration from Pinterest lately.  All  I need to do is to blog about it.  The only problem that I had yesterday was that, I can’t choose my favorite.  I love them all that’s why I pinned them!  Until I came across this meaningful Thanksgiving centerpiece yesterday ( which I pinned ) from one of my favorite sites: 52 mantels 

show of gratitude on the table

Well, we do not have Thanksgiving celebration here in Australia but we are in “fall” now.  Easter celebration is the biggest thing that  transpires during our Fall season that is why I even made a post about my Easter mantel during fall.  I’ve made the correlation of Easter during fall or the other way around.  Just like what I’ve implied before, it makes sense after all since during Easter you give thanks to your Redeemer for His bountiful blessings.  With this idea again, I’ve made up my mind to make an Easter centerpiece during the fall season.  Since the project involves chalkboard painting, I did buy for the first time, chalkboard paint from Riot and Craft

I was so excited since it was my first time to use a blackboard paint and to top it all, after many years I can write on a blackboard again.  I remember when I started teaching in the University in the Philippines, I was using chalk and board until it was replaced by the whiteboard and marker then the overhead transparencies and before I migrated down here in Sydney, most of the time, I was using powerpoint presentations.  But yeah, blackboard is something that has been close to my system.  This time, i can write whatever is overflowing from within. So I want to show you first how I painted a wooden tray which I got from my co-worker as a present and it’s still untouched since we do not have breakfast in bed often, in fact I have to admit, we do it rarely.

It says in the instruction that double coating is needed but you have to let it dry for 2 hours before you apply the second coat.  Of course, I had time constraint since I still have to go to  work in the afternoon and again if you may, I have to admit, the excitement is just too strong to finish the project and share it.  So after allowing it to dry I tried writing and it did work!

So I wrote “Give thanks with all your Heart” for the abundant blessings He is continually showering me and my family.  In fact, couple of days after Easter, my brother and his family from the Philippines is paying us a visit.  This is indeed a tremendous blessing for me because being with your cherished family is more than anything in this world.

After writing on my board, then I placed some nice stuff from Vinnies, store run by St. Vincent’s de Paul society that is  why everything is not expensive.  I did buy ceramic birds and  mug from them and then I did make Easter eggs again covered with music sheets and put them all together.  By the way, I draw the inspiration of making these Easter eggs from Pinterest

nest and eggs for Easter

source: Confessions of a plate addict

Now, my Easter centerpiece is done!

My point of view here, there is always something that can inspire us from Pinterest but most of all we can draw inspiration from within, the graces and blessings from the Almighty.

Now I’m ready to link this to:


Be inspired and inspire others!!

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I’ve attended a parent teacher interview last night at my son’s school.   On our way to the state of the art library, we passed by the Arts building which is newly built as well.  My attention was caught with a quote from Banksy,( an England based graffiti artist, political activist, film director and a painter) which was showcased at the entrance of the visual arts building.  Here is the photo of entrance hallway:

His quote really made me think and finally made a conclusion that he is really right.  Without this quote in bold letters, surely I will not have a second look and more significantly I will not take out my phone to catch an image of a blank wall.  He is right with all due respect that is why his drawings in varied places were given attention and credit.  Here is one of his drawings in London ( a girl being attacked by an ATM )

Drawings, quotations or simply words on the wall have a huge impact.  It simply drives someone to have a glance, to have a look carefully or even scrutinize.  So I said to myself, same is true when it comes to our home.  The walls in our house serve as places for our design, creation and decoration.  It just gives us a perfect spot for the messages we have for ourselves and for others.  Let me show you this one from one of my favorite sites: nesting place

The moment I saw this photo, I’ve pinned it to my Pinterest straight away because I was carried away with the word “dwell” and that I am now thinking what to place in our wall later on.  This clearly shows us that the wall can really be a very big weapon, our weapon of inspiration.  Here is another one which attacks the eyes and the heart since it says something very essential about a family.  Likewise, the wall is filled with the photos of the members of the family.

Source: The Bird’s Papaya

This one also penetrates even your soul since it reminds you to pray  to forgive, to share, be grateful and a  lot more.  They are the daily challenges that we have and keep us live with meaning and purpose.

Source: Between you and me

I will stop at this point and allow you to think of words, quotes , pictures that you want to place in your wall as I contemplate too.

Mess out, organization in!


Heaps of challenges face every homemaker in the whole world.  Of course, I am not an exemption.  One regular challenge is how to keep your home tidy, neat and mess free with all the overflowing receipts which you can’t get rid for taxation purposes, the quarterly reports of your superannuation ( here in Australia, companies are mandated to give 9% of your salary as their contribution ) which you need to monitor, the weekly or fortnightly payslips, bank statements and a lot more.

We have actually a metal filing cabinet where we keep all of these.  But I have to admit, there’s a lot in there now and if only the papers can speak, they would surely complain of suffocation.  Also, the outside of our filing cabinet is not clutter free, and it looks like this

To allow the papers to breathe inside, I said to myself, I have to take out some and file it outside.  But of course, I do not want to add more mess and clutter so I thought of this cardboard which serve as spacer to some office supplies in my workplace ( we normally throw this out but for the first time, I took some home ) and make it as my filing folder

To make it appealing, I then glued some scrapbook paper

Afterwards, I did label it ( I’ve printed some labels that I’ve seen from InMyOwnStyle blog spot)

Then it’s time to fasten my superannuation papers and it turned out to be like this

I was satisfied with this because it did not cost me anything, all the materials were already handy and available.  So I knew I have to make more.  This time for my hubby.  I repeated the same procedure except that I did not choose the pink scrapbook paper for obvious reason..it’s his files.  So i just made use of the extra music sheets that I’ve printed in enveloping my Easter eggs ( which I’ve shown you in my post about “Easter during fall, it’s up to YOU”.  His folder looks like this

In the next days to come, I know I might need to do more of these inexpensive filing folders.  I would share it with my friends as well, because just like me, they struggle to cope with so much paperwork in their household.  Yes, it’s important to share  ideas because it’s how we grow.  Anyway, for me family and friends are so important.  That’s why I have this decor at home which I included in my Easter Mantel

How about the top of my metal filing cabinet?  Well, I took some of the files out, organized it on top and then I placed some letter decor  (  I’ve chosen N and L which stand for my name, Nova and my husband Lorence ) which I bought for $10 for three ( including the & sign ).  Now there’s no more mess on top of our dear filing cabinet and it’s even more organized inside.  Here is the photo

Let’s all strive and be ready to say, mess out, organization in!  Happy organizing everyone

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Easter mantel during Fall or Fall mantel for Easter..it’s up to YOU


Come 1st of March and it’s officially fall here in Australia and more than a month, we are celebrating Easter.  So the challenge was on to come up with a mantel and combine a great occasion for the autumn season.  Firstly, I did contemplate if I can include my usual  decor such as these:

 I decided to retain these usual decor of mine and just add other stuff that are appropriate for the season and the occasion.  I thought that I should not get rid of the water feature since water is symbolic of life since all living creatures need water. For Christians, water symbolizes purification to receive a new life such as in baptism.  Hence, a water feature for Easter is appropriate.  Then, my duck and duckling decor..are they out of place or not?  Ducks are known to be resourceful, adaptable to changes in the environment and can be a sign of fidelity.  So I said to myself, I am not changing the spot of my favorite decor because Easter is about the fidelity of our Redeemer to us ( Ducks are my fave because I was a country kid, my first 6 years of life was spent in the country with my grandparents, aunties and uncles. Feeding ducks in the afternoon and observing them in ponds were usual scenes for me ).  Likewise, these ducks also lay eggs which are the most popular symbol of Easter nowadays.  So, just like ducks I tried to be resourceful, I thought of the stuff that I have in the house which can be included.  Then I remember this cross which is on my dresser inside the masters bedroom.

The words are just perfect to remind us about the significance of Easter. Then I thought of the things I need to add, to give more meaning for my Easter mantel during fall.  I have decided to include the popular symbol..eggs.  But of course, I just can’t pick up from the shop the usual colorful Easter eggs since I am trying to emphasize the autumn season here as well.  What I did was to buy two egg foams from the craft store close to our place and covered it with music sheets which I downloaded from the computer for free.  This is how it appeared after I’ve placed it on top of some shredded paper.

After doing these, I’ve also placed the excess music sheet background in a distressed picture frame which I bought from the dollar shop and put in some scrabble magnets ( these are decor from our fridge ).  Definitely, I came up with two good words..Fall and Life!

Then I grouped them together, the frame, the eggs and the cross

I’ve also placed my newly found antique piece which I only bought 2 days ago at the Blue Mountains ( 1.5 hr. drive from Sydney ) when we went for a drive to Jenolan caves. I thought of including this because this piece contains so much stories, stories about people and their lives before and so today, I feel blessed to at least own a piece such as this for the continuation of its story.

Then, I thought of my priorities, what I value in life.  So when I saw these from the shop, I knew i should get them and surely they should be part of my mantel

There are so much to thank for ( millions and millions of blessings ), but since I value my family and friends and the virtue of love, I know it’s but proper for me to stress these things through my mantel.  I want to remind them too that for me they are precious and priceless and they make my life worth living.  So this fall, I pray that together, we may harvest the many fruits of the Holy Spirit such as  joy and peace.  This Easter as well, I pray that we all grow in God’s love and enjoy the beauty of new life He has given us.

With enthusiasm, I am presenting my Easter mantel during fall 2012:

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