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Your Home


What does home mean to you?  Do you equate it with your mortgage?  Something that is affected by the interest rate and something that makes you work harder up to the extent that work becomes your priority?  If it does, then think again.  Home is where  your inner self  should be able to dwell and rest, it’s where true  happiness reigns.  Home as they say is “where the heart is”.

Home is where your family bond together to the fullest.  It is where you speak about your daily struggles with the people who are dear to you.  It is where you build your dreams and aspirations.  it is where your story begins.

It is the same home that you share with your friends, a home where you hold birthday parties, a home where you gather even without special occasion, just special people. It’s the place where you create beautiful and significant memories which can never be forgotten, memories which are cherished forever.

Home is always unique, it has its own identity.  It may not be perfect, it may not be your “dream house” but it should be always your ideal home.  We may move and look for a “better house” but we have to be happy with our home for now.  It may have its inadequacies and imperfections but it’s always something that you can make beautiful

this is me and my hubby


I’m so happy that we as a family abide by this principle..making a place beautiful and we are so blessed that others help us to  make it more beautiful because of their visits in times of happiness and sadness.  Home is where you shed tears but at the same time it’s a place where there is endless laughter because it’s home where your life is unfolded, it is where you learn and grow.

Your home is your life…filled with significant stories which make you stronger, filled with meaningful memories that you keep throughout your lifetime.  So now would you agree if I say that your home is worth more than a million?  Actually, it’s priceless because you who resides in it is priceless!!  Love your home

God bless,


A BIG Thank You


I feel so blessed because one of my followers, Beth from Chic Envelopements ( I’m a follower of hers as well because I want to journey with her as she joined the refashion wagon and I want to witness her creative creations ) chose me to be the recipient of her giveaway, fabric flowers, one her own DIY projects.  She announced it last April 9 on her post “and the winner of the fabric flower is…”

Last April 4,  she asked her followers to leave a comment on how we found her and what can she do to make our visits worthwhile.  She also announced that she’ll pick a winner to receive her giveaway as a way of her gratitude for the support and encouragement she has been receiving.  After I read the post, I left a comment straight away not only for the giveaway but because I would like her to know as well how I found her and why I am following her.  Actually, I found her blog after she followed me, then when I visited her site, the first thing that I read was the rustic chic wedding of her gorgeous daughter and my heart was captured after that.  The wedding is just beautiful and more importantly, I felt that she is a loving mother, a mother who shared one of the most meaningful life events of her daughter.  For me, that is so essential so I followed her and will always be.

Since that time, we’ve been encouraging each other through our simple yet straight from the heart comments.  So, once again, a BIG thank you to Beth from Chic Envelopments.  Greetings from the world down under…Australia!!  Cheers mate.

Easter centerpiece


Leanne from Organize and Decorate everything together with three other creative ladies thought of a challenge for people who loves pinning in Pinterest.  The challenge is to select from your pinned projects, make it happen, write a blog about it and share your point of view in their link party.  I thought this is amazing since I’ve been drawing so much inspiration from Pinterest lately.  All  I need to do is to blog about it.  The only problem that I had yesterday was that, I can’t choose my favorite.  I love them all that’s why I pinned them!  Until I came across this meaningful Thanksgiving centerpiece yesterday ( which I pinned ) from one of my favorite sites: 52 mantels 

show of gratitude on the table

Well, we do not have Thanksgiving celebration here in Australia but we are in “fall” now.  Easter celebration is the biggest thing that  transpires during our Fall season that is why I even made a post about my Easter mantel during fall.  I’ve made the correlation of Easter during fall or the other way around.  Just like what I’ve implied before, it makes sense after all since during Easter you give thanks to your Redeemer for His bountiful blessings.  With this idea again, I’ve made up my mind to make an Easter centerpiece during the fall season.  Since the project involves chalkboard painting, I did buy for the first time, chalkboard paint from Riot and Craft

I was so excited since it was my first time to use a blackboard paint and to top it all, after many years I can write on a blackboard again.  I remember when I started teaching in the University in the Philippines, I was using chalk and board until it was replaced by the whiteboard and marker then the overhead transparencies and before I migrated down here in Sydney, most of the time, I was using powerpoint presentations.  But yeah, blackboard is something that has been close to my system.  This time, i can write whatever is overflowing from within. So I want to show you first how I painted a wooden tray which I got from my co-worker as a present and it’s still untouched since we do not have breakfast in bed often, in fact I have to admit, we do it rarely.

It says in the instruction that double coating is needed but you have to let it dry for 2 hours before you apply the second coat.  Of course, I had time constraint since I still have to go to  work in the afternoon and again if you may, I have to admit, the excitement is just too strong to finish the project and share it.  So after allowing it to dry I tried writing and it did work!

So I wrote “Give thanks with all your Heart” for the abundant blessings He is continually showering me and my family.  In fact, couple of days after Easter, my brother and his family from the Philippines is paying us a visit.  This is indeed a tremendous blessing for me because being with your cherished family is more than anything in this world.

After writing on my board, then I placed some nice stuff from Vinnies, store run by St. Vincent’s de Paul society that is  why everything is not expensive.  I did buy ceramic birds and  mug from them and then I did make Easter eggs again covered with music sheets and put them all together.  By the way, I draw the inspiration of making these Easter eggs from Pinterest

nest and eggs for Easter

source: Confessions of a plate addict

Now, my Easter centerpiece is done!

My point of view here, there is always something that can inspire us from Pinterest but most of all we can draw inspiration from within, the graces and blessings from the Almighty.

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My first love


It’s Ash Wednesday today and so I remember my country of birth because I’m pretty sure all its Catholic churches will be full again, knowing that the Catholic faith is so strong in the Philippines.  So today, I’m thinking of my first love, the one that I was with for 35 years.  I have millions of good memories there and when I think of her, I can’t help but to think that it’s where I first met my husband, in Mactan Cebu..one of the famous and beautiful islands in the Philippines.  Here is a glimpse of Mactan, Cebu:

Hence, when we had our holidays in September 2010, we visited the place again and of course it brought to our memories how our love story began.  Here is a picture of mine taken by my hubby:

Oh, we just enjoyed ourselves in that island with lots of refreshing drinks.

For my hubby, the local beer in the Philippines is still one of the best!

We also ate to our tummy’s delight.  We made sure we’ve tasted one of the Philippine’s pride, its roasted pig called ” lechon”.

We just had the time of our lives when we were there

During that time we also went to another island by ferry, the equally popular Bohol.  We were just fascninated by the Chocolate Hills, thousand of hills which look like mole hills that are covered by grass.  During the dry season, the grass turns into chocolate brown where its name originated from.

We’ve also seen the endangered species of the petite tarsier whose large eyes are fixed to their skulls.  But do not feel sorry for them, they can rotate their head anyway 180 degrees.  Also, these small species have excellent night vision.  Well, they’re truly amazing.

We’ve also visited the Butterfly sanctuary in Bohol and to give you an idea what you would enjoy, here is a picture of my son

and a picture of my brother with the longest ( 23 feet ) and the heaviest phyton  snake in captivity.

So with all these adventures, I do not mind seeing an overloaded dam truck with people on top ( as long as they remain safe ) and an open garbage truck with heaps of garbage collectors on top ( as long as they keep healthy and sickness free ).

My point is, my first love, the Philippines has so much to offer and it will always occupy a big space in my heart where i could laugh with and hug my cousins,

and friends

and just enjoy the company of those that I love .

To my first love, part of my heart still belongs to you!

A mother’s prayer


I read a very heartbreaking news this morning from the internet that an 8 year old boy was hit by a car yesterday here in NSW, tried to be revived by his own mother but later died in the hospital. Apparently, it was a girl, an older student from the same school who was the driver of the car. This news struck me deep within. As a mother, I know this is something unfathomable. I knew the mother of the boy ran to him and tried unceasingly to revive him, was hoping that he would not stop breathing, was praying for her boy to survive. But her efforts did not succeed and so the efforts of the medical team. Her boy, who only enjoyed life for 8 years is gone. I really felt the pain and even though I do not know her, I prayed for her. As I am writing this, I again burst into tears and prayed once again for GOD to comfort her, for the LORD to carry her in HIS arms as she goes through the most difficult time in her life. I also pray for the mother of the the girl who unintentionally became the cause of the untimely death of the boy. I know she is in deep agony too. I also feel for her and pray that she will have enough strength to help her daughter face and accept the tragedy and eventually forgive herself. I pray for these two mothers who are in great sorrow and lastly I pray for my own son for him to be free from danger all the time.

I am praying for God to allow me to hug him more, to feel the warmth of my embrace

to be able to kiss him more, for me and my husband to show how much we love him.

I pray to God to let me walk beside him, support and guide him as he grows and experience LIFE.

Element of Surprise


It’s Valentine’s day again and if you have read my blog entitled ” Affairs of the Heart Really Matter” then you know by now that my husband is the more romantic one, who never fails to give me something on Heart’s day.  So I really knew, I would be getting something.  But you know what, he caught me in surprise again last night since this time, he did not wait for Feb. 14, he was one of the early birds who went to the flower shop and got me long stem roses and chocolates in a white box with ribbon and gave it to me ( he even asked my son to go with him in picking me up from work ) as soon as I opened the door of the car.

I took this photo when we arrived home

there were also chocolates inside

and of course, the long stem red roses!!

The element of surprise is always around, romance lingers, love continues.. LOVE WHICH LASTS!!

From my heart to yours


My 12 year old son who just started Year 8 last week set a goal for himself, that is to DO BETTER this year.  So came the first day of school and there was the excitement to begin with his plans, improved organization and developed time management.  Just when everything was planned, the unexpected came.  He got sick on the third day and the viral bug stayed for 2.5 days.  Hence, he was away for two days on the first week of school.  So he began to worry, thinking that he had missed several lessons that he does not only need to keep up but he needs to CATCH up a lot!

As his mother who cares so much, I know he is starting to be a bit anxious, and his stress level is starting to rise up.  This morning before he went off to school, I wished him good luck and of course, in my heart I prayed for him to be well and safe in school.  When he comes back from school I will be at work and so I can’t be there to witness how he will manage the “catching up” in the afternoon.  I thought of giving him a message, something that is so visual that he does not to read it from his phone, something that will remind him while he’s doing his tasks on his study table.  So, I printed a downloadable and printable “keep calm” message and put it in an old picture frame and then put it on his desk.  I know deep within, I can’t remove his worries nor reduce his anxieties.  He needs to do it himself, he must be able to handle pressures and exercise his coping mechanisms.  I am here only to remind, to support, to encourage and to  guide.  He is the one who can make himself CALM and CARRY ON!!

Affairs of the heart really matter


Valentine’s day is coming soon and I can’t help but to be excited since Heart’s day means getting a present from my husband. We’ve been married for 14 years now and every single year, he always have something for me on February 14. Last year, I received a dozen of red roses specially delivered to our home. My Pandora necklace was also a gift from him during Valentine’s day and so is my Guess watch. I can’t enumerate all of them anymore but one thing for sure, I’m always pampered every year. Maybe at this point, you will wonder, how about me, being the woman who is known to be more “emotional” than men ( since they are noted for being “rational”), do I always give something special or at least do something special
for him on Valentine’s day? Well, to answer your curious mind, I would like to start by reminding you that for “every rule, there is an exemption”. So now, you can read between the lines..I have not been romantic for the past 14 years on Valentine’s day. Maybe, teasing from peers when you wear something ‘red” on February 14 and make it really a big day had an effect on me. Something always cease me from being romantic on this particular day. But this year, I want to change for the better..I want to be explore the emotional and side of me. So I thought of creating a romantic mood in our very own home.

I started browsing from the internet regarding Valentine’s decor at home and I got some great ideas from bloggers who decorate for this occasion. But I said to myself, I want to have the sense of originality and creativity as well as I create a romantic mood. This was the first thing I did:

I printed out a bird template from the computer ( you can download this for free ). However, there were no wings so I drew its wings and later cut it out and glued it.

As you can see here, I glued the bird template into a red construction paper ( spare from my son’s art class when he was still in the Primary ). I actually made two birds which signify me and my hubby

Then I decided to place it on white paper plates which I got from my kitchen cupboard and the stands are from my display in the bathroom

I also cut out letters using letter template from the computer. I again used the same red construction paper but this time, I used pink color for the background. The photo frames are form the hot dollar shop which only cost $1.50 each

I bought a new display as well which is a favorite word of mine since I’ve known my man..laugh! Yes, my hubby has brought laughter to my days. I am the more serious and structured one, while he is the easy going and free-spirited. So, opposite poles really attract!!

Another decor I got was this..LIVE! We live our dreams together and I know we are bound to laugh and love as long as we live!!

I also made sure that our photo is present in my decor, because it is a celebration of our love and life together as a couple. I’ve retained two of my duck decor which symbolize again myself and my partner in life

There you go folks, this is my Valentine decor 2012. The words, the photo, and the symbols in this Valentine decor have revealed one thing, that AFFAIRS OF THE HEART REALLY MATTER TO ME.

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Photo which reveals that nature perfectly blends with man’s creation..this picture was taken by my husband during winter 2011 at Anglers Reach, NSW close to the Snowy mountain. A spot that would invite young lovers to hold hands and share their dreams for the future, a place where kids can run freely and play hide and seek, a perfect set for older couples to recall their stories in the past. This is something which captures the eyes and captivates the heart