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Under the Laundry Sink Organization


If you are follower of mine and have read my most recent post, you know that I was hospitalized but I did bounce back.  My discharge date was the 3oth of April which was a Tuesday but of course, I did not go back to work until the following week, 6th of May.  So while at home and recovering, I did some organizing projects.  Yes, I did, but do not worry, I did not overdo it.  I was taking it easy.  In fact, home organization is always a therapy for me.  So, let me reveal to you what was “under our laundry sink” which became my first mini project.

unda sink b4Chaotic?  Definitely!!

uner d sink chaosYeah, it has so much, gloves, floor cleaner, laundry stain remover, and a lot more.  Of course, there was no order then.

First, what I did was to  put everything out to see if I can get rid of some things which is no longer needed.  However, I did realize that  I need everything but there was a need to just relocate some stuff like the hand towels ( (I did place it in the kitchen cupboard ).  Then, I placed the rest in two bins which I bought from the “reject shop” and those few items that did not fit were just placed behind the organizing bins.

So here it is:

ubda sink after

Now it looks more organized.  I know there are no labels and it’s not perfect but I personally believe it has improved a lot.  I’m quite happy with it.

Next time, I will show you what is “under our grill”.  Oh, yes, I did organize as well outside the house.  Again, I did not overdo it.  I was taking it easy and keeping it simple.

Happy organizing everyone!!

God bless,





Simple Monthly Organization


I believe that home organization means taking in control of your home and even yourself.  When we are organized, we can finish the unending tasks in our home.  But of course, getting organized is not too easy.  It needs planning and action.  But the in- between is what I find it difficult.  You need to find out if the system in place is working.  If you’re lucky enough then, you can continue with the current system.  But if not, then the need to modify or revise the system is essential.

I have done several paper organization in the past but it’s my first time to have a monthly folder organizer.  I am trying this and so far it’s working especially to cope with many school notes to be read and signed.  Let me show you what I have done lately:

littleprince orgThis is my folder which I have labeled “Monthly Organizer Little Prince 68 “. Inside, I have placed A4 extra heavy protector sheets which I have divided by using Manilla dividers.  Of course, each division is labeled

to do

The first thing that you’ll see in my folder is my “to do” stuff.  For example, after I received the tax invoice from the new violin teacher of my son, I did put it here to remind me to do it within that week.  It’s something important to be done after several days but not pretty urgent.

utilitiesThe second division of my monthly organizer folder is for our “utilities”.  I have to admit we are not yet totally paperless.  There are many bills directly debited from our account but not our mobile phone nor our home phone.  Me and my husband just want to review it and make sure we are billed correctly.  But you see, we are getting there.

school orgThe third division is devoted for “school” stuff.  Like recently, information was sent for the music camp in March.  I read it put it here since I know I need to review the information again  like “what to bring” just before he goes camping.

Then finally, when the month is over or if I do not need the paper to stay in my folder ( after I’ve paid private music lesson for my son ), I transfer it to our filing cabinet where things are sorted out as well through labels.

file org 2

There you go, my paper organization system.  It’s currently working fine but of course,I can’t say that this is a  permanent system since organization involves modification and revision as the need arises.  The beauty of organization is that it gives you the opportunity to assess and reevaluate for the better.

God bless,


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