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Enjoy your Outdoor Space during Winter


Two weeks from now and it’s officially winter here in Australia.  Cold days, chilly nights are just some adjectives that best describe winter.  But since we live in Sydney, we do not experience blizzard here.  We have to drive for at least 6 hours to go to snowy mountain to do tobogganing or skiing. This means that enjoying the outdoors during winter is still possible.  Yes, I do believe that outdoor space can still be appreciated to the fullest with your family and friends as long as we keep ourselves warm by

1. Placing some heating elements outside to combat the low temperature and make your guests comfortable

source ( Place gas heaters or heat lamps where you will eat and drink )

source  ( Place candles on the floors not just to light the way but to add warmth)

source ( Here down under, we do not need to store away our cushions during winter since we are not expecting any snow.  So, lots of cushion can be a trick to keep us warm especially if the fabric is right

source ( If there is a chance, you can place some curtains to add style and to control the wind which can really be very cold )

There you go, let not winter stop you from being in touch with nature or enjoying your outdoor space.  As they say, “if there’s a will, there’s a way”.

Next time, I will show you our outdoor space during winter.


God bless,


How to entertain using your outdoor space


An outdoor space is very essential since it can be an extension of your home.  During late spring and summer when the temperature rises up, the best way to entertain is through your outdoor space and have alfresco dining.  So how does one make a good outdoor space?

1.  Consider putting a dining table so it can serve as a destination of your guests.  It’s the best solution to gather all your guests outside and hang out there for a while.

landscape ideas

2.  Make sure your table is appealing enough to draw the attention of your guests as soon as they arrive, put a vase with flowers from your garden or snip from the bush and off you go, table becomes very attractive.


relaxed porch

3. Follow the universal rule, have a grill nearby.  You wont go wrong with barbeque during spring, summer and even early autumn.  No one would want to be cooking or baking inside the kitchen when you can enjoy the outdoors but still have great food for your guests.


Courtyard Garden for entertaining

4. Consider the comfort of your guests.  In a party they want to relax as much a you do.  Hence make sure there are enough seats for them where they can enjoy their wine, or beer or brandy, their choice of course.


Love the candle chandy in this outdoor space!

5.  Light up your outdoor space.  For me, putting candles on the table and the floor create a very inviting and relaxing ambiance and of course, this ensure that your guests have the proper light to visualize the food they deserve to enjoy to the fullest.

Outdoor Dining at night

6.  Be creative.  Decoration is not only for indoors.  You can enhance your outdoor space by adding more cushions.  Remember if your guests are comfortable, they will linger on even after the meal.  You may want to arrange the glasses and the bottles of wine in an extraordinary fashion, like put  it in a tray with fruits on the side.


outdoors porch ideas

7.  Remember to wear a smile or better still laugh with your guests.  They will be enthusiastic to stay if they feel that you are enjoying their company.   After all, the party is for everyone.

God bless,