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Outdoor Oasis during Winter


Today marks the commencement of Winter here in Australia.  But we’ve been having cold days and chilly nights since the middle of April which was late fall.  As I’ve told you in my last post, there is a challenge to use your outdoor space during winter and let me tell you once again, if there’s a will, there is a way.   I will show you how we took on the challenge of enjoying the outdoor when temperature has been dropping down. First allow me to show you once again our courtyard last summer so you can see the difference:

summer courtyardHere’s another view

r courtyardNow, time for me show you what we have added:

heater in courtyardMy husband bought and assembled a gas heater from Bunnings to make sure that our guests will be comfortable and never freeze.  We have also added something on the wall which becomes a focal point of our courtyard:

sconceThe newest additional decor are these sconces which hold 7 tea light candles which I bought for only$14.99 from Aldi.  Putting decor on your outdoor wall is getting the taste of your inside space outside.

candle centerpieceThe centerpiece that I have for this cold season are candles, to add warmth and light.

ready for alfresco diningYou can see here, our courtyard is ready for some alfresco dining.  To top it all, we dared to invite guests for an early dinner, 5:30 which was already dark.  But it was part of the challenge of enjoying your outdoor to the fullest during winter.  Well, we actually did it during that time since our son was part of their school musical which started at 7 pm and those friends of ours who were watching  that night were invited to our place before and after the show ( our way of extending our gratitude for the support they have given to our son ).  Now let’s inspect the courtyard during the night:

outdoor setupAs you can see, the wall and the table are well-lit.  But the ambiance will not be complete if there are no candles on the floor too.

candles to light r pathThere you go, all prepared to receive our guests.

nova in her courtyardLet me tell you that we had a lovely night, a night which was not cold after all due to the warm reception we gave to our guests who graced the musical show of our son.

God bless,


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Enjoy your Outdoor Space during Winter


Two weeks from now and it’s officially winter here in Australia.  Cold days, chilly nights are just some adjectives that best describe winter.  But since we live in Sydney, we do not experience blizzard here.  We have to drive for at least 6 hours to go to snowy mountain to do tobogganing or skiing. This means that enjoying the outdoors during winter is still possible.  Yes, I do believe that outdoor space can still be appreciated to the fullest with your family and friends as long as we keep ourselves warm by

1. Placing some heating elements outside to combat the low temperature and make your guests comfortable

source ( Place gas heaters or heat lamps where you will eat and drink )

source  ( Place candles on the floors not just to light the way but to add warmth)

source ( Here down under, we do not need to store away our cushions during winter since we are not expecting any snow.  So, lots of cushion can be a trick to keep us warm especially if the fabric is right

source ( If there is a chance, you can place some curtains to add style and to control the wind which can really be very cold )

There you go, let not winter stop you from being in touch with nature or enjoying your outdoor space.  As they say, “if there’s a will, there’s a way”.

Next time, I will show you our outdoor space during winter.


God bless,


My Pinterest is a reflection of myself


I am thrilled that many people follow me on Pinterest especially on a particular board which is “inspiration/ style for the home”.  Well, Pinterest is an  on- line board and I just pin all the things I  love and all that inspire me.  So although most of the things that I pin are not my own, they still reflect my style, my passion, my dream..in other words it’s a reflection of myself.  It tells something that is within me, what I value.   Today I’ve decided to show you what I have there that have been repinned by many followers of mine.  Let’s start with a very lovely front porch

From: Imparting grace

For me this porch is so relaxing where you can have a cup of tea.  I believe it’s a porch for all seasons.  It is great for summer and if you add an outdoor heater it will be very good even during winter.  I love the chalkboard frame hanging where you can write ” welcome”.  I would love to write too, “JOY dwells here”  or “PEACE resides on this abode” and you can just change the colors of the cushion depending on the occasion.  This porch I believe is just so flexible.

From:  My blessed life

A very simple back porch where you can unwind after a very busy week.  This porch gives me an idea that an indoor furniture can be put outside and can really be very functional

From: Flea Market trixie

I love the idea that window shutters are used here as the wall design. It goes very well with the rattan furniture.  I love the blue floors too which creates a cool and peaceful mood.  This area can be fabulous during weekends where you can entertain extended family or friends for an afternoon tea.

love the arrangement

From: bhg

This back patio can be used for family lunches and  barbeques.  I love the vintage dining table, chairs and benches here.  This back patio is just right after the kitchen so even that the freshly cooked food can be enjoyed straight away.

Then let’s go to some entry way which for me should always be welcoming, not crowded yet useful where you can leave your shoes or coat in case they are wet to keep the house clean.  These are some that I adore:

cozy entryway

From: Pottery Barn

In this entry way, you can even sit down while removing your boots.  My heart also goes for the Bolton lantern, it’s just so lovely and would surely welcome every guest even during the night.

From:  The Rambling Renovators

This entry way has spot for umbrellas ensuring that every person who walks in does not need to look any further where to put it or if you are leaving the house and it’s raining, this would always be handy.  Then there are the lanterns again which look so pretty and chairs again just in case you need to sit down when taking off your shoes.  The furniture in these two entry way are very useful because for the owners, they can hide their house and car keys here as soon as they enter to avoid misplacing them.

How about some the walls of the house:  I’ve made a post before wherein I have mentioned that walls should always attract and attack. Yes, it should attract they eyes and attack  the heart and even the soul.  Look at these walls that captivated me:

From: Cottage Instincts

This wall had old windows which are used as picture frames.  The word family is  there which says something a lot about the homemaker, that she values family so much.  This picture frames are actually on the dining hall to ensure that every time they gather to eat, it reminds them that they have to stick together since they are one family.


From: Young house love

This wall has a variety of stuff, but the word GO captured my attention since it reminds every member of the family to choose the “right way to go”.. like “GO for your dreams” or “Go and do NOT give up”.  I find this wall just amazing and meaningful.


This is my very own creation.  My husband put a shelf on our blank wall and I placed the letters of our names ( Lorenzo, Nova and Joseph ).  I am so happy with the outcome because it tells that these are the people who reside in this dwelling house which make it a home where we dream, pray, laugh and love together.

Definitely, I will have part 2 of this post.  Stand by

God bless,